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Best paying affiliate program for blogs and website owners!

Best paying affiliate program for blogs and website owners
If you want a top notch high paying affiliate program then you definitely have to read this!

If you are looking to make what they refer to as mad bank on the internet (lots of money) then there are only a few affiliate programs that qualify. There are many that payout a small percentage of each sale (8-10%) and those are very low paying. When you want to start reaching 20% and above payouts there are only a few.

There is Clickbank, but they are actually run like a scam. They do have highpayouts, but you are advertising links to shady and scam ebooks on your website. The problem with that is that you are giving your readers over to these scams to be ripped off – that doesn’t look good and will cause you to lose a good portion of your readers. It also is seen as crap and spam by Google. Google doesn’t like Clickbank advertisers and affiliates.

To see evidence of this just look at any blog or similar website’s traffic stats with, Quantcast, w3counters or any other traffic monitoring program or websites and you will see that in the recent Google Panda update and previous Farmer update that these websites have lost upwards of 80% of their traffic on average (a serious penalty and seriously lost rankings). Google doesn’t like Clickbank and even though they have a high payout, you will lose your rankings and tons of traffic so it definitely isn’t worth it to try and use Clickbank.

What affiliate programs pay the most?

So, what affiliate programs have a high payout percentage, high conversion ratio (this is very important also because what good is a high payout if no one ever buys it?), great track record of paying affiliates (this is very important also as many affiliate programs have a bad record of not paying affiliates or cheating affiliates out of sales with shady record tracking), and a continuous payout. To me, I want all this and a program that pays me on all customer purchases for life – this means I get paid over and over again for the same customers.

Download torrents safely and anonymously with the best VPN!

This is like set it and forget it. You can get rich off a program like this and fast. So, whom is the best? Without a doubt it is the Torrent Privacy affiliate program! With 40% payouts – that’s right, 40% of every sale you keep! And payments for as long as that customer remains a customer! These are monthly subscriptions to a very high converting VPN service which is pretty much a necessity nowadays – so you are pretty much guaranteed to make a bunch of money fast and these people will mostly become permanent customers.

What if you could get paid continuously for life with huge, reliable payouts?

That means you will get paid every month for just about every customer you send. Their affiliate program is very easy to setup and everyone is accepted (unlike Commission Junction of Google Adsense that play all kinds of games). Within a few months it is easy to start making several hundred dollars or even a thousand or more. They are very reliable at making payments and I receive a big check that just keeps on growing at the end of every month.

You can also opt to have them pay you by PayPal, but then PayPal takes a small cut for doing basically nothing. But, if you want fast payment nothing will beat PayPal. I have used many affiliate programs and have now switched to just one – the Torrent Privacy VPN affiliate program. Nothing out there pays as well as this program and I love the fact that my monthly payouts just keep right on growing and growing.

Do you love your affiliate program – I do!

Besides, by advertising the Torrent Privacy VPN program I can take comfort in the fact that I am helping people with a much needed service! Internet anonymity and the best and easiest to use VPN – I use it myself and I love it! So I don’t have to market something I wouldn’t use myself to my blogs readers! I can take comfort in knowing that I have a great product to offer them and that I will get paid and paid a lot for a very long time – life!

Want to try the awesome Torrent privacy VPN affiliate program? Here is the link that could change your life – it has done that for me as I no longer need to work for someone else. With the Torrent Privacy affiliate program I now work solely for myself as my blog makes me more money then I ever did working in IT.

And if you are one of those unfortunate individuals that doesn’t have a VPN yet then you need to check this out:

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