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Betty Crocker sugar cookie cookie mix – great fun for the kids!

The wife and I decided to have some of the neighborhood kids over and bake Christmas cookies. I thought it would be fun and give them all something to do. So she sent me to the store to get cookie mix, confectionery sugar, flour, butter and a few other ingredients. The recipe we used was simple and right on the reverse side of the Betty Crocker cookie mix package.

Making Christmas sugar cookies with the kids

We already had quite a few Christmas themed cookie cutouts as you can see from the picture (snowmen, stars, Christmas bells, bears and more). We used the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix because it was cheap and the easiest to use according to my wife – she is the great cook in our family – I am just the grill guy…

Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix

Once the cookie dough was rolled out and the individual cookies were cut out they were baked in the oven.

Christmas sugar cookies

Here is a picture of one of the first batches of our Christmas sugar cookies.

Christmas cookies on wax paper

We used wax paper as it makes them much easier to remove and you don’t have to spray grease or cooking spray which can make the cookies greasy or tatse weird (depending upon the spray grease or oil used).

kid decorated Christmas cookies

Here is one of the kids decorated Christmas cookies.

sugar cookies overloaded with sugar and frosting

Some of the kids definitely over did it with the colored sugar and frosting like these here – I feel sorry for the parents if the kids ate all of those at once – they would have such a sugar high – oh my…. Kids will be kids, though…

kids homemade sugar cookies

The kids had a blast decorating their own sugar cookies.

decorated Christmas cookies

And then the parents got involved. Some wanted to help their kids and others just wanted to try their hand at decorating cookies themselves.

Nicely decorated Christmas sugar cookies

I liked these as they looked really nice and the parent only used a spatula to create them.

Close up of Christmas sugar cookie

Here is a closeup of the Christmas tree cookie one of the parents made. You have to admit that is pretty good for just using regular spatulas and colored frosting. Both the children and their parents had a blast. And clean up was very minimal – only one dropped spatula with frosting and a few cookies fell on the floor (the dogs ate those cookies). We all had a blast.


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