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Big brother is watching you as you surf the internet – here’s how to stop their prying eyes!

Big brother is watching you as you surf the internet
Big brother is watching you as you surf the internet - you need to protect yourself from their intrusions into your privacy - read this article to learn how to be anonymous on the internet!

Did you know that the government has been misusing laws like the Patriot Act to circumvent the rights of Americans? This is true. Want to see it in action? I don’t advise doing this, but you can pick up your phone and call someone and then say something with certain keywords like bomb, terrorism, assassinate, President Obama, New York City, Los Angeles, nuclear bomb, etc…

One of these keywords by itself may not trigger it, but any combination of them will. If you did this you would shortly be on the receiving end of a nasty visit and a possible trip to a holding cell if they deem you a threat. If they think you are a possible threat you could be incarcerated indefinitely like the folks at Guantanamo Bay. You should also read the book Worm – the First Digital World War because some of that is actually going on right now.

It works the same on the internet. Organizations like the Secret Service and National Security Agency are constantly using monitoring programs to monitor each and every single phone call.They are also watching every internet search (I know this because my father worked for the NSA and believe me, they know too much about everyone nowadays – way too much). Just deleting your Google search cache won’t be effective – they have already seen what you are typing and searching under.

What’s amazing is that they know those that are searching for child porn without protection (like a VPN or similar – let me say this now – I do not condone child pornography and think those that participate in it are sick) but they do not care to turn them in as it doesn’t have any value to them on a federal or national security level. They are only interested if they can use you like the supposed 9/11 terrorists (patsies) that were setup or if you are up to something that they don’t like. And don’t think they will tell you the truth about their spying on American citizens – just look at the infamous Plum Island and lies the government is telling about what really goes on there.

The government is watching groups of people like Neo Nazis, skin heads, even mormons and christians – any group of people that can have power and clout. They are also abusing their power to watch each other – politicians do this all the time. Yes, even Hillary Clinton has been doing this. So, don’t think they aren’t watching you and what you are doing. Chances are they have been doing it for years. Tip – the recent Google Panda update may have something to do with this also.

So, how do you get under the governments nose and surf the internet with complete anonymity? How can you surf and know that no one can watch you or what you are doing? There is really only one way – a VPN. Don’t know what a VPN is? A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a encrypted tunnel that becomes almost impassable. It would take so long for the government to crack it that you would already have switched encryption numerous times and they will just pass you by and go on to the next unprotected American citizen.

Did you know that 99.99% of all Americans are surfing the internet unprotected by a VPN? This is true and it drives me crazy that this many people are comfortable with the government and even hackers (yes, hackers can easily get your personal information to commit identity theft and fraud if you do not use a VPN) constantly peeping into their online lives and information.

VPNs used to be expensive and so hard to setup that you needed a doctors degree in computer science or a similar field and many (like those offered by Cisco) still are. But there is one that is very cheap, super strong (it uses hybrid VPN technologies incorporating all the latest protocols for iron clad protection) and extremely reliable (something Cisco could never be – dependable).

You can actually now get iron clad anonymity on the internet to do what ever you want including downloading torrents and movies for free and keep the government, hackers, the Chinese government (the worlds biggest group of hackers currently) and others out of your personal lives and information. And guess what? It’s only about $10 a month to insure your privacy, keep Big Brother’s prying eyes away and to thwart hackers – plus you can download movies and torrents for free. You have rights as an American citizen. Don’t let the government abuse your rights and trample all over them – get a VPN.

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