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Big Lots discount store in North Charlotte NC has weird and rude customers!

Big Lots discount store has weird and rude customers
I went to the Big Lots in North Charlotte and found they had weird, annoying and rude customers - the place is a real waste of time to boot.

I happened to be nearby this big lots store near UNCC in North Charlotte NC. so I decided to take the kids and there while my wife was in Marshall’s shopping. There were several parents pushing shopping carts full of screaming children through the isles of the Big Lots. it was so loud and annoying it was just plain horrible.

It must’ve been the bewitching hour for all of these kids or they were just all hungry and starving and hadn’t had dinner yet. Maybe they were all just spoiled brats. It was hilarious and ridiculous all the same time. I felt sorry for some of the parents. I don’t know how they could possibly do any shopping at all let alone even think with all that racket going on.

One child that looked to be about 12 years old through himself on the ground blocking the exit from Big Lots as they were having a temper tantrum. Apparently they did not like the fact that their parents would not buy them some toy or book or whatever. These kids need a serious spanking.

Then to make matters worse they were playing music from New Kids on the Block throughout the store – someone there must want to drive off all the customers or something by playing that crap. And don’t even try and tell these parents with this world children anything lest you become their target or vent for their pent up rage.

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Some of these parents were wheeling their cars like they were battering rams through the isles and they didn’t care if someone was in their way or not. and then there was these two ladies that decided to have a confab in the middle of the kitchen utensils aisle. They were blocking the aisle and didn’t care.

When I asked them if I could move in or get by them they looked at me with disgust and didn’t move. Very rude and crude people at this store. Maybe they need to visit the guy parked out front with the Ford SUV that was selling marijuana – he would’ve changed her mood with what he was selling.

Anyway, after walking through the store and seeing there were any good prices on anything – everything they have in there at Big Lots sells for less at Wal-Mart right across the way – I decided to leave and meet my wife back in Marshall’s. big lots was just a big waste of time and has some really strange and deranged customers.

One thought on “Big Lots discount store in North Charlotte NC has weird and rude customers!

  1. I don’t like Big Lots either. I do, sometimes, find some good deals on books there in their $3 book bins – you just can’t beat that – but manytimes its just crappy books that no one wants to read.

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