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Big Lots Polaroid 4gb touch mp3 player review

Polaroid touch mp3 player review
I went to Big Lots and bought a pretty decent mp3 player from Polaroid.

My son had ruined our Microsoft Zune MP3 player by giving it a wash in the bath tub – he didn’t understand that certain electronic products like the Zune and water don’t mix. Anyway so I’ve been looking for a cheap replacement for the Zune mp3 player. I liked it, but I’m not going to spend $250 for another one now. So I saw an ad at big lots for a Polaroid mp3 player with 4gb of memory and touch capability for $45.

At $45 that’s like 1/5 of the price that I paid for my Microsoft Zune a few years back. It does have less memory than the Zune. The Zune came with 30 GB of memory and a Polaroid has 4 GB. But I never used the full amount of memory in the Microsoft Zune player.

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At most I might have used maybe 1 GB of its memory for the music that I listen to and I only use it during workouts or walking to class at my local college. Sometimes I like to tune out the riffraff and idiots that have to pass by at my local college. So I figured that this Polaroid player would have everything I need to transfer my songs into.

Plus the Polaroid mp3 player has the touch capability built into it and the camera. The Zune has neither of these capabilities. I love having my digital camera around but usually when I want it I don’t have room for it or I forget it. This way it’s built-in with the electronic device already being taken with me.

So when I am running down the street or just out walking and I see something funny happen that I want to put on my blog I can easily do that with this device – or it should be able to. Another plus features when I went in there to look at it it actually looks a lot like one of the first versions of the iPod. From a distance it looks like it, but if you look at it up close and you know what an iPod looks like then it doesn’t quite look like it.

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So I bought the Polaroid mp3 player and it works fairly well. The pictures aren’t as good a quality as with my 10 megapixel digital camera, but my camera also can’t play music and fit in my jacket pocket and go for a run. I found it easy to use the Polaroid and it was very easy to add in music that I had downloaded from websites like, The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents.

If you’re looking for a good cheap MP3 player that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the newest and latest Apple iPod or Microsoft Zune then you may want to check out the Polaroid mp3 player at Big Lots. It’s dependable and it works great.

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12 thoughts on “Big Lots Polaroid 4gb touch mp3 player review

    1. Does it have games or can u download games on to it… My 9yr old wants it 4 all its features but also enjoys the games on the ipod touch..

  1. Anyone know where you can buy the card for extra GB? I have one just like that and it has a card space for extra GB but I cant find one to fit

  2. How do I get the mp3 HD 720p to start where I end on a chapter of a book that I am listening to. The MP3 player keeps going back to the beginning of the book 🙁

  3. Looking for a new cheap player (I broke the headphone port on my eMatic 5 – no problem if I only have a left ear!). However I always have problems with Mac compatibility. Even when it is supposed to be compatible – usually no function works without the Windows “transfer software”. Are there any Mac users out there that have this Polaroid model? Can I import songs from my Mac and still arrange within the device? Thanks!

  4. I bought the mp3 player and it worked alright for like 2 months and then it started to have issues. I don’t use it anymore and bought a used iPod from the local pawn shop – it works awesome.

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