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Binghamton New york single women review – I don’t know how it happened, but Binghamton New York has the ugliest women known to mankind!

Binghamton New york single women review and ugly complaint
Don't go to the Binghamton metro area unless you want to see and meet the ugliest women in the world!

I don’t know exactly how to start this complaint, but it is important that I make this complaint and that I alert people to the fact that there’s an area in the state of New York that has the highest percentage of ugly women in the world! I’m not kidding. If you’re a single male then you definitely want to avoid the entire Binghamton Metro area like the plague.

I have been there and I don’t care where you go all you will see is ugly I mean seriously ugly women. It doesn’t matter if you go to the local colleges (BCC and Binghamton University), nightclubs like Eclipse in downtown Binghamton or if you venture outside of Binghamton to nearby Endicott, Johnson City, Vestal, etc…

It’s like the whole metro area Binghamton is the Omega Moos sorority from the 80’s movie Revenge of the Nerds. It’s seriously that bad or even worse. And to make matters worse the funny and sick thing there in Binghamton is the women actually think that their hot. Who would have thought that ugly women, I mean seriously ugly women would have an attitude and walk like they think that they’re the best looking things in the world?

You only see this in Binghamton New York. Just try and find a pretty woman or girl in Binghamton New York – it ain’t going to happen. Believe me. I used to work for one of the big four modeling agencies in New York City and I know what good looking and ugly are. I also know what fugly is and believe me the women in Binghamton New York are not just ugly – they’re fugly!

No wonder why all the people in the Binghamton area are so depressed. There are no good looking women to look at. If you go to the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City and walk from one end to the other you’ll think that you’re actually watching a dog show – it’s really that bad.

There was a saying that they used to have about the Whitney Point Fair (which is not too far from Binghamton New York) and that was that they were basically a bunch of toothless wonders. Well, the women of Binghamton New York are far worse and hideous. I was glad when I left that area and I will never go back.

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I like women that actually have curves to their bodies and that don’t weigh 500+ pounds like the seeming majority of women in Binghamton do. I even saw one lady at a HSBC bank waiting in line that had a full mustache and goatee – gross!!!! Places like Binghamton New York that have such a high percentage of ugly women are probably the reason why there are so many drunkards in that area – they have to drink and get drunk to even be near some of those Binghamton ladies.

Many of these women are more manly than the men and even sport more facial hair than the men. It is no wonder why a friend of mine at another modeling agency in your city told me they never venture anywhere near the Binghamton New York area. All I can say is if you’re a single guy stays far away from that area of New York. Binghamton is home to some of the ugliest women known to mankind. Only go to Binghamton if you want to meet an extremely ugly girl.

One thought on “Binghamton New york single women review – I don’t know how it happened, but Binghamton New York has the ugliest women known to mankind!

  1. i wholeheartedly agree, but you get a rare hottie every once in a while. your odds for finding that is about 100,000:1 though, which leaves you stuck with about 50 girls in the entire area

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