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Binswanger Glass windshield replacement review – Binswanger Glass charges 3 times more then their competition!

Binswanger glass winshield replacement review and complaint
I found out that Binswanger Glass routinely charges over 3 times the price of their competition for a windshield replacement - what a ripoff!

I used to work at a local area car dealership here in Charlotte North Carolina.  One day I had a customer that had gotten their windshield cracked and they need it replaced.  They said it was going to be $850 through the car dealership.  That sounded way too high to me so I told him that I would make some phone calls and see if I could get them a better deal.  The first call I made was to Binswanger Glass on North Tryon St. Charlotte NC (704)597-1889.

I knew of Binswanger glass because we had used them in the new car side fairly often to replace windshields on new cars that were shipped from the manufacturer.  Quite often we found that these cars would come off the truck and need a new windshield because it was cracked from pebbles or road debris.  So we were told by management on the new car side that we could only call Binswanger glass (obviously management had an agreement where they were paid under the table by Binswanger glass for this preferential treatment).

From what I can recall of Binswanger glass did do a good job, but we never knew what the prices were or what they charged because he was always charged off to the cars in question and it was hidden amongst the paperwork.  Probably because the managers didn’t want that car salespeople to know how they were getting jacked so the sales managers could put some extra cash in their pocket from Binswanger Glass.

So I called Binswanger and found out they wanted almost $700 to replace the windshield on my customer’s car.  That little better than the car dealership charged, but that was my first call.  I then went into the used car manager’s office and asked the used car manager whom he uses for his used cars to replace the windshields.  He said he used Triumph auto glass ((704)329-0944) and that what they were far cheaper then Binswanger Glass.

So going with my used car manager’s advice I called triumph auto glass and their price was $180.  It was such a different and so much lower that I had to ask him did this include the windshield or was that extra.  I did know of that was just the labor or just the glass and it didn’t include labor or the glass or vice versa.  The guy a triumph auto glass assured me that was the full price of the windshield, installation and everything.

That’s a huge difference.  So I told my customer and we had triumph auto glass come in and replace their windshield.  From seeing the jobs that Binswanger Glass has done and comparing that the triumph auto glass I cannot see a difference.  The only difference I can see is a huge markup.  Binswanger glass literally charges more than three times what triumph auto glass does.

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What’s even worse is that the car dealership I worked for on the new car side took the ridiculous  Binswanger Glass price and then added their own markup to it ($150) and that’s how they came up with $850 for windshield replacement.  I was appalled at this ridiculous price difference.  One can literally go out and called triumph auto glass today and get a windshield for to any vehicle replaced for at or under $200!

If you need to have your windshield replaced in your car or truck and you’re in the Charlotte North Carolina area there is no place that is going to give you a better quality repair at a better price then Triumph Auto Glass.  Believe me I’m in the car business and have been for many years.  There is no one cheaper and there is no one better than triumph auto glass.  If you go anywhere else you are just throwing money away.

3 thoughts on “Binswanger Glass windshield replacement review – Binswanger Glass charges 3 times more then their competition!

  1. A friend of mine needed a new windshield on his Volkswagen and went to Binswanger Glass, and the glass he received was noticeably different from the sides and rear.

  2. Are you comparing apples to apples here? I suspect not. There are a lot of inferior products in many categories available out there to the consumer and auto glass is one of them. And before you respond with “Glass is glass!” – I suggest you look into it. There is enlightenment waiting.

  3. The glass he had installed from Binswanger was actually lower quality. It developed a crack that quickly spread horizontally across the windshield later that summer from the heat. We called Triumph and for less then $200 he got it replaced and the glass this time matched that of the sides and rear. One year later there is nothing wrong with the windshield – it is definitely of far superior quality when compared to the overpriced and very low quality one from Binswanger. So, Rambling Jack, you are right, there are differences in quality and inferior auto glass out there at Binswanger. They have the lowest quality auto glass at the highest possible prices – what a ripoff and scam! All I can say is that I would never use Binswanger and I hope that everyone else that reads this gets the same idea – Binswanger is crap! Binswanger glass sucks!

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