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Black and Decker Juice extractor – Juicer review and why you should be juicing!

I watched this great documentary the other day on Netflix entitled Hungry for Change where they were speaking about how American’s as a rule are overweight and obese (67%, I believe was the number they used).  The documentary went up over and over again of how her eating so much empty, low nutrition food.  Regardless of whether you eat McDonald’s, Burger King or Papa John’s or prepared foods that you eat at home.  It’s the ingredients in what you’re eating and what’s not in what you’re eating that is causing obesity and disease epidemic in America.

To learn more about that be sure and watch that documentary.  Watching a documentary made me go out and buy a juicer.  I bought this juicer from Black & Decker at my local Walmart for $35.


I’ve since used it for a week and created a lot of great vegetable juices.  I’m beginning to think that everything that was said that documentary is 100% true.  My skin feels healthier and looks younger.  The blotches I had on my face have started to clean up and even the acne and pimples that I had have actually started to go away.

What I did was I didn’t completely go over to a vegetarian diet.  Nor did I replace all my meals with these vegetable shakes or juices.  Instead what I did was anytime I wanted to reach for a snack, which usually composed of chips, cookies and other unhealthy snacks, I simply replace them with some healthy vegetable juice that I made with the juicer.

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Black and Decker Juicer assembled

The Black and Decker juicer that I ended up buying was extremely easy-to-use and I had it put together and was making my first batch of vegetable juice within less than five minutes.  Some of the recipes that I’ve followed from Hungry for Change (yes, they have a website with recipes and advice on juicing) were not quite the tastiest, and I don’t really like Apples mixed with my veggies, but I ended up finding through trial and tribulation that a mixture of red grapes and tomatoes made for the best taste.

One of my favorite juicer recipes is:

1 cucumber
4 cups of kale
12 red grapes
1 large tomato

This makes a good bit of great tasting vegetable juice (around 16 ounces or so).  It tastes so much better than V8 juice and there is no heavy amount of salt or sodium added as there is with the store-bought brands of vegetable juice.

Kale and tomatoes ready for juicing

Here is the Kale and tomatoes ready for juicing – fresh from Trader Joe’s.

grapes from Walmart

Grapes from WalMart.

Cucumbers ready for juicing

The cucumbers cut up and ready to juice.

The finished veggie juice

Here is the finished vegetable juice – it tastes pretty awesome.

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This is one or percent healthy, very tasty and you will feel so much better.  Just by replacing my unhealthy snacks with healthy juices, I have lost 3 pounds in the past week and I look and feel way healthier.  My mind is clearer and no longer in a fog and I have a lot more energy than I used to have, plus the usual bloat that I had is gone.  Another added plus of juicing is that the aches and pains that I used to have around my joints is gone – it must be that drinking lots of good healthy vegetable juice reduces inflammation of the joints.

Juicing for your health

The only complaint that I have and  it’s really not that big a deal is the cleanup of the unit.  It takes about five minutes and you have to be careful when you’re making the juice especially if you’re using tomatoes and grapes.  Grapes tend to fly out before you can get the feeder in.  And tomatoes make a mess.  Tomato seeds fly out – I think it’s funny.  It doesn’t bother me because I feel so much better and what can you expect producer for $35?  It works like a champ, comes apart very easily to clean up, and is extremely easy to use and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space because it’s small.

I highly recommend this juicer and I also highly recommend everyone watch that documentary video on Netflix, Hungry for Change, and get informed on what they’re actually eating , start juicing and eating healthier foods.

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