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Black Belt USA Charlotte NC review – this martial arts training facility is expensive and below average

Black Belt USA Charlotte NC review
It is of my opinion that BlackBeltUSA is just an expensive waste of time and money.

I saw an ad in the local Creative Loafing (or CL as it is now called) magazine for what seemed to be a really hardcore mixed martial arts class. It specifically stated that “nothing beats this class!” So I figured this would be great training to get into professional fighting with.

Since I was a kid I had always idolized the fighters of the UFC and other similar professional fighting venues. I knew from watching these fights on TV that one needed a well-rounded background to include stand up fighting, ground work and more. So I went and gave it a try.

7935 N Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 595-1945

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I quickly found that their mainstay was taekwondo. They were also strong at Muay Thai. So they are pretty good at stand up, but they are not strong at all at jiu jitsu as they claim. Their groundwork is weak at best and as you can see – none of their students go on to fight in anything significant with MMA (probably because they can’t – no grappling strength).

It has been made obvious to the whole world that taekwondo is not a good match for MMA style fighting. Ever since UFC 1 Royce Gracie showed to the world that the most important part of one’s training for MMA style fighting is Jiu-jitsu, wrestling or some other form of grappling.

Without this it is only a matter of time (usually just a few seconds) before you will get taken down and tapped out or pulverized. The classes I have attended at BlackBeltUSA here in North Charlotte (by the Charlotte Motor Speedway race track) were interesting and very disciplined, but they did not give me the core MMA training one needs to be a MMA fighter or even to effectively defend oneself from someone with some martial arts training.

It is a good weight loss class, which is what most people are taking it for. And if you need to lose weight then this class would be hard to beat (except that it is clearly one of the most expensive martial arts classes here in Charlotte NC or anywhere for that matter). But if you want to learn how to fight or defend yourself you really need to look elsewhere.

I found several extremely strong Jiu Jitsu training centers right down the street that offer more hard core training that is exactly what you need for MMA fighting or for great self defense. Just look at the confidence you could have if you could take on anyone (regardless of whether they have martial arts experience or not). I could never get that at BlackBeltUSA.

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If you were to take any of the instructors at BlackBeltUSA (especially the two overweight guys) and put them up against a white belt in Jiu Jitsu that is trained right, they will lose and lose fast. The instructors at BlackBeltUSA are well versed in taekwondo and a few in muay thai, but if the fight goes to the ground (which it does in 95% of the case – basically almost always) they are dead.

The instructors can kick and punch and break some boards – but who really cares? None of this helps in a real fight. In my opinion it is just too expensive and the training is not applicable to anything but stand up fighting. Their jiu jitsu is very weak and you can get far better training for less then half of their price right down the road!

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