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BlackBerry Storm Complaint- what a waste of money

The BlackBerry Storm freezes up all the time

So I decided to spoil myself for Christmas this year and get a new phone for myself. I was due for an upgrade last month anyways so I headed down to Verizon to look at their phones. My phone was a little outdated so it was time to make a change.

At the Verizon Store the man behind the desk showed me some different models. They all seemed like nice phones but the BlackBerry Storm really stuck out. The touchscreen, 3G internet capabilities, and large screen really separated the BlackBerry Storm from the rest of phones.

It seemed like the best buy so I went with the BlackBerry Storm. I renewed my two year contract with Verizon, and took my new BlackBerry Storm home with me to start playing with. I was very anxious to show my girlfriend. I could finally brag to her about having a nicer phone. She would always give me a hard time about my phone because it was so old.

I had the phone running for a few days it ran great. All the applications ran very smoothly, and the interface was very user-friendly. I literally spent all day on my phone, playing with the different applications, and surfing the internet.

However, about two weeks in my phone started doing some funky things. It would freeze up every once and a while. The buttons on the touchscreen keyboard would start to stick too. It would be pretty easily fixed, I would just need to restart my phone. It wasn’t too big of a deal.

This was just the beginning of the problems I would face in the coming weeks. My BlackBerry Storm would start to freeze up multiple times a day every day. I would be forced to restart my phone at least 3 times a day. That is a bit ridiculous for such an expensive phone to be malfunctioning like that. With a retail price of $499.99. I would miss phone calls because my phone would lock up too. I would be typing a text message and it lock up again. Forcing me to take out the battery and start all over again.

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I would have the same problem of the phone freezing up when I would choose to lock the screen when I put it in my pocket. When I took the phone out to use it, it sometimes won’t let me unlock the screen. Again forcing me to have to restart the phone by taking the battery out.

This phone has been nothing but frustrating since I got it. I’m going to wait for the iPhone to come out for Verizon and will be switching over to that. I can’t wait to get this phone out of my hands. It has been nothing but trouble since about 2 weeks into owning it. I would definitely not get a BlackBerry Storm if you are considering getting a new phone.

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