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BloomsToday flower delivery service review – I could have done better with my local florists.

blooms2day flower delivery website review and complaint

A girlfriend of mine recently had a birthday and I was out of town so I wanted to send her some flowers and let her know I didn’t forget and was thinking of her on her birthday. A coworker and friend of mine gave me this website to go to called According to him BloomsToday will send flowers anywhere in the country for good prices.

So I gave BloomsToday a call and ordered a bouquet of flowers for my friend’s birthday. I never heard back from my friend so I was wondering if something was wrong. When I got back in town I called my friend and stopped over at her house. When I saw the bouquet of flowers I knew why she didn’t call me back.

It had been the tiniest bouquet of flowers I had ever seen. It was definitely not worth the price I paid for it. I could’ve gotten a bouquet of flowers at least four times that size for the same price at a local florist. So make up for the whacking bouquet of flowers that I was sent from BloomsToday, I took my girlfriend out to dinner at a very nice local Italian restaurant.

I was very disappointed in the selection of flowers in the tiny assortment that came in that bouquet of flowers from Either they or the florist that they deal with really skimping big-time. Apparently they are a middleman in the flower business and they charge a huge percentage and then send your order to a local florist.

In the end you end up with less than half of what you should get if you purchase through’s website or by calling their 800 number (1-877-219-4590). If you are looking to get flowers for any kind of event or special day you are always better off going through your local florists directly.

Then you can actually see what exactly will be delivered or you can even deliver it yourself. You also don’t have expensive middleman like bloomstoday to pay for. Now, atleast in my case it was for just a birthday for one individual and I could easily fix it by taking them out to dinner. Could you imagine how terrible it would’ve looked to send such a skimpy, small bouquet of flowers for a funeral or wedding?

My advice here is to definitely skip any of these flower delivery websites like BloomsToday and stick to your local florists. You will always get exactly what you ordered and much more for your money by doing this and avoiding the middleman.

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