Bosch 500 Series Front Load Washer Review – a great appliance to wash clothes

I love my new Bosch 500 Series Front Load Washer


I had my old washing machine for about 20 years, and it finally stopped working. I was happy with its performance, but it was time to get a new one rather than trying to fix it. I went to Sears to check out what they had to offer.

There were a ton of different washing machines in the store. I had no idea where to start so I spoke with one of the sale associates at Sears. When I told him my situation he immediately took me over the Bosch 500 Series Front Load Washer. This washer was a bit larger than my last one, but looked to have a lot more bells and whistles.

I inquired about some of the details, and he said that it had a lot more to offer than my old washing machine. It’s a high efficiency energy star model so it uses a fraction of the water my old washer used. So I should see a significant reduction in my water bill if i switched over to this model. He also bragged about how it can handle a larger capacity of clothes. So I would have to do less loads of laundry. I would also use half the amount of laundry detergent if I were to get this Bosch 500 Series Front Load Washer.




There was a lot of information thrown at me, but it seemed like a good buy so I got it. The washer ran me about $1100. Which yes is a lot of money, but if I can get another 20 years or more out of this one it is a good buy.

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I went hope and set it up at the house, and ran my first load of laundry. I was very impressed with how well it cleaned my clothes. I could tell a significant difference in the cleanliness between my old and new washer.

Over the period of about 6 months I could see a significant drop in my water bill too. This washer was saving me a ton on my water bill while also “going green” and dropping my level of water usage. I was very impressed with the Bosch 500 Series Front Load Washer, and if you are in the market for a new one I would definitely recommend the Bosch 500 Series Front Load Washer.

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