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Breakfast at the National House of Pancakes in Myrtle Beach – yuck!!!


A true story of a terrible breakfast at the National House of Pancakes.

The family and I were on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina just two weeks ago. We decided to try something different for breakfast and we saw an advertisement for the National House of Pancakes. It also had a coupon for an adult breakfast for $2.99. That seemed like a good deal and my sons and I have had a decent breakfast at Dino’s restaurant just the previous day. So we figured we’d go down and give it a try.

National House of Pancakes
211 N Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 448-6149

It turned out to be an absolute nightmare and the worst breakfast I have ever had in my life. The waiter brought us coffee in mugs that had a quarter inch to half-inch of coffee sludge and grinds in the bottom of them – gross. It tasted worse then old coffee from McDonald’s from years back when they served terrible rotgut coffee. We asked for new mugs and it was the same. Then the waiter brought us a thermos of coffee and the bottom was full of coffee grinds and sludge. It was clearly evident that they were reusing coffee filters to save money. That makes coffee taste horrible and makes people like me not want to ever come back!

Then to make matters worse the waiter would put the serving tray between her legs. This is the tray that everyone’s food came out on. She didn’t do it this one time. She did every time she took someone’s order at a different table. This waitress looked a little skanky and that’s the last place I wanted my food to be near before I ate it. Then our food came. And the pancakes were all undercooked. You could clearly tell that they were undercooked and even batter like in places. the worst part was my son’s chocolate chip pancakes smell like crap – like poop.

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The pancake syrup was greatly watered down – probably to save money just like with reusing the coffee filters. Literally, the syrup tasted like water and bad water at that. You could swirl it around it was so watered down – I can buy pancake syrup at Walmart and it won’t do that no matter how much I shake or swirl it. This place was insane.

The food looked reasonable in its appearance but the pancakes were all undercooked and they had a slight strange smell to them. My son’s chocolate chip pancakes smelled like they came straight out of toilet. The place was Disgusting and there were flies everywhere. I can only imagine how many flies there must’ve been back in the kitchen. It also didn’t help that we had to sit there for about an hour before our food came out.

The National House of Pancakes was the worst breakfast I’ve ever had in my life. It is obvious they cut corners on their syrup, coffee and undercooked their pancakes. This is nothing but the truth about the most horrible experience we have ever had for breakfast. Go to the IHOP, right down the street for a much better breakfast. It isn’t worth the few dollars you might save at the National House of Pancakes.

As with everything in Myrtle Beach, if there is a waiting line it is most likely worth your time. There was no waiting line at the National House of Pancakes and now I know why – it was terrible and disgusting. There is no rating system here, but if there were I would have to give the National House of Pancakes a negative five stars. It was that bad!

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