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Brueggers Bagels Compliment – they have very good bagels for a chain restaurant

I had a great experience at Brueggers Bagels

I was in the mood for a bagel so I decided to try Brueggers Bagels down the street. I had never eaton there before, mostly because I would assume I wouldn’t like it. I am from the greater New York City area originally, and have been spoiled by fantastic home made bagels. So I was always hesitant to try Brueggers Bagels.

i walked in and there was a line of a few people, nothing too crazy. It was about 11 am so I missed the breakfast lunch and came before the lunch rush came in. The few people in front of me gave me time to decide what I wanted anyways.

When it came my turn in line I decided to go with a bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a cinnamon raisin bagel. I was pretty hungry not eating all morning so I decided to get both the bagel sandwich and the bagel.

The food was prepared pretty quickly and I was able to watch it being made throughout the entire process which was nice. This way I could ensure that there was nothing bad happening to my food. I got my food and paid for at the counter. It was about $6.50 which isn’t horrible for a sandwich and a bagel. It was going to keep me full for a while

I sat down there to eat it at a table over in the corner. I noticed there was a sign on the table advertising free WI-FI internet. This would be a nice feature if I had my computer with me. I thought maybe I could get some work done while eating there for lunch during the week.

The bit into the sandwich and it was very delicious. Everything was hot and very fresh. I was very impressed with the overall quality. I wouldn’t say it matches the quality of New York City area bagels that I am accustomed to, but it is an adequate substitute. The bagel was also very good. I look forward to next my next visit to Brueggers Bagels.

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2 thoughts on “Brueggers Bagels Compliment – they have very good bagels for a chain restaurant

  1. Unit in Wauwatosa Wi.Outside front entrance filthy.Trash can not emptied until 10am when a handicap neighbor does it for coffee and a sandwich. Is he covered by Co. insurance???? Maybe he should come at closing and just before opening as well!!Tables missing,building stained and peeling and planters trashed.Employees and managers have not noticed or do not care,both excuses would be a big concern to me if I were running this company.

  2. Brueggers is my ABSOLUTE favorite bagel shop! They are aminazg! I’ll have to make it a point to get a coupon book, I love that they are helping with the hunger problem with children. That really touches my heart and makes me appreciate Brueggers more!

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