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BTGuard VPN service complaint

The people running BTGuard are LYING THIEVES. I was looking for a VPN service to get around the problem with Bitorrent – I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of a law suit or similar, so I signed up for a years trial of their new software VPN on the condition theat it was a trial offer and my money would be refunded if the account was cancelled within a week.

I quickly found out that I could not utilize their service with my computer and I ended up having to switch to Torrent Privacy VPN. The account with BTGuard was cancelled in three days because the software didn’t work with my Windows 7 machine as was the case with many more of their customers (as I quickly found out on the internet), their support was near non-existent, disinterested and mean and totally unhelpful, all support did was tell me I could cancel my renewal but I’d still end up paying for a year of (non)service with crappy software and no support.

BTGuard VPN service
I tried the BTGuard VPN service and found it to be a total waste. They have terrible customer service also and are a ripoff. I ended up switching to Torrent Privacy VPN which is way better and works great on all my computers.

They didn’t seem to care that I couldn’t use their service at all. I contacted them several times and then they just cut me off. They refused to return my emails. I couldn’t use their service and they basically did not care at all. zThat is horrible customer service in my book. Plus, when they were returning my emails they made me feel unwanted and were very rude.

Let me reitetrate this for everyone’s benefit – the BTGuard VPN don’t work with Windows 7 and THE PEOPLE RUNNING BTGUARD ARE LYING THIEVES WITH CRAPPY SOFTWARE AND WORSE SUPPORT. SAVE YOUR MONEY, DON`T GIVE IT TO THEM!!!!! Switch instead to Torrent Pricvacy VPN service. Their VPN works with both Windows Vista and Windows 7 (I have Vista on my laptop and Windows 7 on my desktop).

BTGuard was a ripoff. The folks at TorrentPrivacy have a VPN that is much easier to install and is basically plug-n=play – very simple even for the computer illiterate to use. I could not for the life of me get the BTGuard VPN to work and then to top it off they wanted to keep my money for a years service which I could not use. Do not use BTGuard whatever you do!

2 thoughts on “BTGuard VPN service complaint

  1. LOL!!!! You’re trying to hide your Bit Torrent internet piracy by tunneling it through a “VPN” and you’re calling them thieves for taking your money? Double standards much? This site and its contributors are not very bright.

  2. @Regina. I don’t understand why your having so much trouble with BTGuard. I’ve been running it for around 2 years now (On Windows 7 64bit) without error or the need to contact them. Perhaps you are an agent for “Torrent Privacy VPN?” For the record, you don’t even need to use their software. All you need do is setup a network connection through windows 7 native network connections settings. You can then connect to their server at and connect at will. And while we are on the subject, a little bit more free advice. If you just using a VPN to steal stuff yourself I wouldn’t be to vocal about it.

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