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BTJunkie torrent downloading website review – this is now the biggest of all the torrent downloading websites, but is it the best?

BTJunkie torrent downloading website review is a tremendous torrent downloading resource, but be sure and read this first prior to downloading anything from BTJunkie or elsewhere on the internet!

It used to be that the Pirate Bay was the largest torrent downloading website on the Internet. but in the last few years that has changed as BTJunkie ( has eclipsed The Pirate Bay with more than four times the number of downloadable torrents. They also have more honest ratings on BTJunkie so you spend less time downloading applications and more that either don’t work or are loaded with malware and viruses.

Nowadays more than ever you have to be vigilant to the malware that can come attached to to programs and software that you download over the internet. you can’t just rely on having McAfee or Norton antivirus catch everything because they won’t. They are only set up to catch the majority of known computer viruses, trojans and more out there.

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It is also a good idea to have a backup like Spy Bot (Spy Bot is free and you can easily find it for download by typing “Spy Bot” in a Google search) that you run at least once a week and then whenever necessary on top of that. Another good protection is to set up multiple users on your computer and never use the administrator user for downloading programs and other torrents with. This way if you get a bad virus infection or something that you just can’t get rid of rather then spending hours fixing your computer you just log off. Then you log back in as the administrator and delete the bad username. That’s much simpler than having to remove a virus in the administrator panel.

Now back to talking about BTjunkie. I like the fact that BTjunkie has so many more searchable torrents than any other website. If you’re looking for a torrent your first place to search should start at BTjunkie because they will probably have it. But that doesn’t mean that there’s always going to be someone with it available for you to download at that moment.

I have found that with BTJunkie if I wait untill the hours between 11 PM and 5 AM I get much faster download speeds as there are more people or sources available to download from during that time period. The rest of the day is basically a waste because you can download so much faster between 11 PM and 5 AM.

One more tip, if you’re going to download something off of a huge website like BTjunkie, you know the copyright owners, ip searchers and their attorneys are there in full force. So do not download anything without a good and solid VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you download torrents without a VPN you are literally guaranteeing yourself that you will receive a lawsuit or settlement letter where they want you to pay them $3000 or so for each torrent that you download. Don’t take the risk. Try TorrentPrivacy or a similar VPN (TorrentPrivacy is the cheapest at $10 per month for complete anonymity and guaranteed protection).

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So, give BTJunkie a try. The number of torrents they have available is simply amazing – something like 2.5 million or so as of the time I’m writing this. According to their website there is some words around 5000 new torrents added each and every single day. That includes all the latest movies, music and videos, applications, operating systems like Windows 7, games and more.

They even have the latest magazines like Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. There is something for everyone on and the best thing is that it is all free. Just be sure and get a good VPN prior to downloading anything – it’s a must nowadays!

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  1. I use btjunkie and it is great. I took your advice and have started using the VPN and it is awesome! Now I can download everything I want with no worries whatsoever – awesome! Thanks for the great advice!

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