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Budget car rental, a funeral and a terrible experience!

If you are ever thinking of renting a car, do not even think about using Budget. I had an absolutely horrible experience with them. Several months ago, my aunt passed away. The week before I had rented a car from Budget to attend a trade show in Dallas Texas. I didn’t have anything go wrong at all then except for being talked down to by the reservation clerk (I don’t like being talked down to).

But this time was different. I had paid for and reserved a car rental through the Budget car rental in Charlotte NC. I told them over the phone that I do not carry credit cards because I never use them. Every time I open one they cancel it within six months or a year because I don’t use it. So I stopped altogether carrying credit cards because it was ridiculous. I didn’t have a credit card with me when I rented the previous car in Dallas or many other cars I have rented from Budget, Hertz and others.

Budget car rental charlotte NC airport
I had a terrible experience with the staff at the Budget car rental by the Charlotte NC airport.

Budget Car Rental
4210 Rental Car Road
(704) 359-5001

Anyway, so when I went to pick up this car I was denied my car rental. They said that they ran an Equifax report on me which they have to do for every potential customer that doesn’t present a credit card. The lady even showed me the screen where it said do not rent to this person – me. She was also very indignant, rude and possibly racist – I kind of got that feeling from her. It was Friday night and too late to rent a car from another car rental agency. I needed this car to go to a funeral. Regardless, they refused to rent me the car and then treated me terribly like I was some kind of reject with poor credit.

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This totally screwed me over and I ended up missing the funeral because of this. I was and still am livid over this. When I got home I ran my credit online at all three credit bureaus to check and make sure there wasn’t any identity theft or anything like that. Within 10 minutes I had all three credit reports and there was absolutely nothing wrong with my credit at Equifax or elsewhere. I contacted Equifax personally and asked them why they would have refused me a car rental or recommended to Budget car rental not to rent to me. Their response – I had great credit (an over 800 credit score) and that they never would have denied me anything.

So the problem that caused me to miss my aunt’s funeral resides with Budget car rental. This company completely screwed up here and I will never, ever rent a car from them ever again. I called up their corporate headquarters to file a complaint quite a while back and I have not heard back from them since. It just goes to show you the quality of people they have at Budget car rental is probably not much better than what exists at McDonald’s or Walmart.

So, with this in mind, do not rely on budget car rental for your car rental needs else you will probably get screwed over like I did. Don’t give them your business or a chance to screw up your next trip or vacation (or funeral). Pass them over and rent from a real car rental agency like Hertz, Dollar, Enterprise, etc. And especially do not rent from the Budget car rental by the airport in Charlotte, NC.

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