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Budget Truck Rental Complaint – Poor and Unreliable Moving Trucks Caused Me Nothing But A Headache

budget truck rental complaint

All the issues below stem from a poorly maintained truck it probably had the issue when we left had no AC to start it was just cool in the morning, the coolant level was down one gallon from the start as I checked the truck when I got to my house the coolant level was at the min point but since the guy said he had checked the truck out I figured that was “normal” for the truck

My truck died when we were driving from Denver to Anaheim CA in the desert outside Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere, called budget roadside assistance every time you call you get a different person the last time of 3 times we actually got a person that was helpful and we drove the truck to a safe place and waited 2 1/2 hrs. in 100 degree heat for the service truck to drive out from Las Vegas, the issue was the warning buzzer would go off then about 15 seconds later the truck would shut down it would restart right away it shut down 3 times and on the 3rd we called for help.

The service guy was very helpful and said we were low on antifreeze and that was causing the shutdown, I was skeptical since we had driven the truck from Denver with the system down 1 gallon due to poor prep from the Denver office. but he did add a gallon of coolant as well as fixed our non-functioning AC, did I mention it was 100 degrees again the Denver office should have known the AC did not work.

Well we drove off to Vegas in a very cool truck with no more issues until we were in rush hour traffic in Anaheim and the truck stalled again in traffic, it did restart as usual but at this point I did not feel it was safe to keep driving the truck since we could easily get rear ended by someone who did not realize the truck had stalled, I we made it to the local Budget (franchise) office and explained that the truck had been stalling on us and I did not feel the truck was safe to drive could they wave the refueling requirement since the truck was not safe to drive.

They said nope it had to be full or I would incur the $30.00 fee for not returning it full plus the cost of the fuel plus a service fee for filling the truck. I felt that was unfair and called Budget and their answer was they would have a tow truck come and tow us to a gas station to fill the truck up then they would bring the truck to a repair shop to be fixed.  At this point I really wanted to make sure the truck was fixed as I felt the local shop would just go ahead and rent the truck out!

They said 90 minutes for the tow truck and we waited and waited, after 90 minutes and no text messages or calls from Budget ( when the service truck came we were updated by phone and text message every 30 minutes) I called budget again they said they tried to call me but my phone was disconnected they said they had my phone as 313 not 303.  This was after getting numerous calls and text messages from the before so I told them that was just BS.  They said the truck was still 30 minutes away, so we waited and waited.

Long story after 3 HRS and still NEVER getting a call from them I was told the truck was “close” my cell battery then died, so I swapped batteries and called back got a different person and of course different story they were stuck in traffic and still 30 minutes away.  I told them not to bother since it was now 8PM traffic had let up quite a bit and we found an easy in and out station for a 24′ truck and I drove my car behind the truck we filled it up and then just dropped it off!

The truck plate is 2KP 086 Oklahoma don’t rent it unless they show it has been fixed since May 21, 2012 if you have the misfortune of renting from Budget.


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