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Burger King Complaint – Found Plastic Wrap In My Burger And No Response From Corporate!

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To Whom It May Concern; I recently contacted Burger King Headquarters by phone about a visit I had in February of 2012. The lady who answered the phone was very receptive and took down all my info, including phone and email. She said she would fire off an email to all levels of management. Here it is the end of March, and was surprised I did not receive any type of response.  Now I am thinking I should have just gone to the local Health Department or Consumer Reports. Here is what happened.

I went to the drive through, ordered two Combo burger meals. The young lady ask me to move up, I ask why as there was no one in line behind me. Her response was that they were on a Time Constraint. I pulled up, but when she brought my food, I did tell her that it was ridiculous as this was after 7 p.m., and there was no one in the parking lot at all or behind me. When I got home, I opened the burger to put jalapenos in it, and discovered a large, and I mean LARGE, piece of saran wrap in my burger.

I immediately went back to the Burger King, (850 E. Pioneer PKY, Grand Prairie TX), (no one in the drive through, or parking lot or inside the restaurant); I ask to speak to the mgr. I showed him the saran wrap. The same girl who waited on me at the drive through smirked at me when I was talking to the mgr. I ask her if she thought it was funny. I let them know I thought it was done on purpose. I would be more prone to understand if it was during rush times,(this was after 7 p.m.) or the restaurant was very busy, but 1st time and when I came back there were not any people in the restaurant or drive through, but there was at least 4 maybe 5 working behind the counter.

After apologizing, the mgr. offered me another burger. I definitely did not want another burger from this restaurant when I was feeling that one of them put this on my sandwich, as a joke or because I let them know I thought it was really silly to have to move up in the drive through when they did not have any customers inside nor out. I was not satisfied with how the mgr. responded, and asks his name, and told him I was going to contact the corporate offices. I followed up and contacted the headquarters by phone as previously stated.

Does Burger King just not CARE, is this why I never received a response? I feel they just hire these kids, and they just do not give a crap about service or satisfaction. Not sure if I will even get a response here, but there is always the Health Department. I told the mgr., and Headquarters, do you realize, that a person could have choked and even DIED if they had got that SARAN WRAP in their throat. I am thinking if it was a child or an elderly person, it could very well have happened.

Janice D.

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