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Burger King restaurant review – the Burger King on South Blvd. in Charlotte NC is gross!

Burger King restaurant review and complaint
The Burger King located on South Blvd. in Charlotte NC is gross and the employees are rude and racist!


About a month ago I was hungry and went to get a double whopper with cheese from the Burger King located off South Blvd. in Charlotte NC. I decided not to use the drive through and went inside the restaurant because the line was too long at the drive through.

As I went inside and walked up to the counter (there was no line inside) I had to wait quite some time and finally asked to be helped before someone would take my order. It was quite clear that because I was a white person and the staff was black but they did not want to help me.

This was very clear as the lady looked at me and gave me attitude right away to begin with. She was mad that I had opened my mouth and asked to be helped. But if I hadn’t known would help me and taken my order. So I placed my order for a double whopper with cheese meal.

The lady took my money, gave me change and then proceeded to give me my order. When I sat down to eat I noticed that my sandwich, the double whopper with cheese, was the sloppiest looking sandwich or burger I have ever seen. It was obvious that someone had just grown this thing together haphazardly – I’m sure that the cashier told the cook that I was a white person and that is why.




So I took apart the burger to make sure it wasn’t spit in or anything like that – I had heard horror stories in the past of fast food restaurant employees spitting in customers food when they are mad about something. I couldn’t see anything that looked like spit in my burger.

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So I ate my burger and fries and then got up to go to the bathroom. This is were things got really gross and weird. As I opened up the door to the bathroom I noticed the same female cashier and the cook were having sexual intercourse by the sink. The cook had his pants pulled down and the cashier had her legs wrapped around him. I could not believe my eyes – the employees were having sex in the bathroom at Burger King!

These were the same people that had just cooked my food and taken my order – gross. That was just disgusting. I will never eat at that burger king again.

2 thoughts on “Burger King restaurant review – the Burger King on South Blvd. in Charlotte NC is gross!

  1. If I were you I would have gotten out the iPhone, got it all on video and posted it to YouTube and YouPorn. Burger King would never have lived that one down! Employees having sex in the bathroom – that is crazy with a capital C!

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