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Campbells chunky soup review – not bad for a late night snack.

I felt like having a late night snack the other night. I was hungry and felt like some nice, warm soup. So I looked in the pantry and found a few cans of Campbell’s chunky soups that my wife had just bought the previous day while shopping at Wally World (aka Walmart). So I looked at them and decided on the grilled chicken and sausage gumbo. I like sausage and chicken so, why not give it a try?

campbells chunky soup review

Above is a picture of the exact can I used. The directions were quite simple and straightforward – just add contents from can to a microwave safe bowl, cover (else the content might spatter all over the insides of the microwave and be a nasty mess to clean up afterwards), heat for 2 minutes or so on high, let cool and eat. I also heated up a few slices of Italian bread to eat along with it. The Italian bread was from a unsliced fresh loaf from the Walmart bakery. I just placed the slices in the microwave for only 15 seconds and they were nice and hot. Don’t heat fresh bread for longer then that in the microwave or it will get hard and rubbery.

Campbells chunky soup

Here are some pictures of the Campbell’s chunky soup after heating it up in the microwave. It wasn’t bad. I later added a little bacon to it and it was really good (it only takes a few minutes to cook bacon in the microwave and it really improves the flavor). Maybe for the future (hint, hint Campbell’s, they should add a little bacon to it and that would take this soup over the top).

Campbells chunky soup in bowl

Without the bacon the soup was decent or average. But after adding the bacon it was really good. I am sure adding a little fresh shredded cheese and a few more spices, maybe a clove of garlic would definitely make this soup even better. But it was not bad and definitely did the job along with the Italian bread for a late night snack.


One thought on “Campbells chunky soup review – not bad for a late night snack.

  1. I too like the Campbell soups as a snack/meal. When my husband is working the graveyard shift and when he isn’t home I have a tendency to make small meals for myself. Right now I’m eating Cream of Mushroom soup and “squashed” bread with a bit of peanut butter — (Loaf of bread had gotten squashed under groceries)Most canned soups though have tons of salt, but if kept in moderation it is a great snack.

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