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Campus Edge Charlotte Complaint – that place is dangerous, I was mugged within the first week of living there

Don't ever live at Campus Edge at UNCC, it's dangerous.


I am a student at UNCC and decided to skip the whole freshman dorm life and get an apartment with some of my friends from high school. Campus Edge at UNC Charlotte had some competitive rates if you signed up early so we decided to go ahead and live there.

When we moved in we took notice to a lot of college students moving in. Which was comforting, but also there were some older “rugged” looking people in the complex. That part was a little more worrisome. However I grew up in white suburbia and figured things would be just fine. Boy was I wrong.

After a week of living there my friends and I went to a college party on the other side of the complex. We had a few beers and walked down the stairs and outside. We were all a little tipsy and having a good time until we got about halfway across Campus Edge.




There was a man with long dreadlocks walking our directions which spooked us out a little bit, but we continued walking. As we crossed paths the man started coming closer and closer to us. We picked up our pace a little bit but it was too late.

The man abruptly jumped at us and pulled a gun from his jacket and put it against my friends rib cage. He sternly said “empty your pockets and nobody gets hurt.” We all stood there quivering and emptied our wallets quickly, and gave him our phones. He told us not to move until we couldn’t see him anymore.

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Still quivering we stood there scared out of our minds we waited for him to leave and he sprinted back to our rooms. We weren’t sure what to do, we had no phones and were still terrified about what just happened. We decided to run out to the security guy at the front of the gateway entrance.

When we told him our story he seemed disinterested and really annoyed to have to listen to it. He said he would file it with the apartment complex and get back to us. It has been over 3 weeks now and we still haven’t heard anything. Campus Edge just flat out sucks. It is extremely dangerous and their security there obviously isn’t doing their job, nor do they even care. Never, ever live there!

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