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Capital One Complaint – I have had my credit card for only a month it only works half the time on credit card machines

My Capital One Credit Card is terrible and doesn't work

I have a bad credit history so I was looking for a credit card company that would give me any sort of credit card so I can start to rebuild my credit. I saw Capital One didn’t have very high standards to for accepting applicants so I applied and got a Capital One Credit Card.

I had been using it for about a month now on simple purchases such as gas and groceries. I learned my lesson about spending too much money on credit. It can really come back to bite you. So I have been very conservative with my spending.

I make sure to keep all my cards safely in my wallet protected from being damaged or scratched. I have seen people who are very careless with their cards and the magnetic strip on the back gets damaged and makes the card unusable. An unnecessary burden that can be avoided just by taking care of your stuff.

I was in Walmart the other day buying my groceries for my family. I had quite a bit of food, with is not unusual since I have 6 hungry boys at home that need to be fed. I was going to be paid on Friday but went on a Wednesday. I figured I could just put it on my credit card and pay it off once I got my weekly paycheck.

However when I went to pay for my food at the register my card kept having an error. It said that it couldn’t read it. What was I supposed to do? I didn’t have enough money in my account to use my debit card. I asked the cashier to keep running it, but it didn’t seem to work.

I looked at the back of the card and there was just a tiny piece missing from the strip that looked damaged. Nothing even really noticeable. Compared to my debit card which I have had for a long time now, it looked basically brand new. This was absolutely ridiculous.

I was forced to leave the store because my card wouldn’t work and I couldn’t have been more embarrassed. Thanks Capital one for screwing me over with your crapy credit cards. They are poor quality. Regardless I canceled my credit card with them the next day and started applying for other cards.

One thought on “Capital One Complaint – I have had my credit card for only a month it only works half the time on credit card machines

  1. So you blame Capital One because you damaged the magnetic strip and when the card couldn’t be read it surely couldn’t have been your fault. Grow up, request another card, and don’t damage this one.

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