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Capital One zero apr credit card review and complaint – They Keep Harassing me to Sign Up for their worthless credit card programs

I have seen a lot of advertisements for the Capital One zero apr credit card on television. They seemed to offer some decent rewards so I decided to sign up for one of their zero apr cards. I filled out an application online and was approved with in a few days. I received my card in the mail shortly after.

When I got my card I had to call the number on the card to activate it. I called the number and was greeted by someone who could barely speak english. I did my best to comprehend what he was trying to say, but I’ll admit it was tough to make out.

I went through the standard steps giving my information to him. However between gathering my information he kept harassing me about signing up for some worthless services. To be honest I couldn’t even understand what he was trying to sell me, but I kept giving emphatic “No’s” about signing up for their special offers.

I then began to think that this might be a strategy of Capital One to get some more money out of their customers. Hire customer service reps that don’t speak english well to try and trick callers into signing up for bogus programs that charge card holders as much as $30.

I can see how some people would just be trying to get off the phone, and would just respond “yeah, yeah, yeah that’s fine I’ll do it” just to get on with their day. I was literally on the phone with the guy for about 35 minutes for a call that shouldn’t have taken longer than 2 minutes.

So after I got through all that garbage on the phone I was all set up to use my zero apr credit card. I had been using my card for about a week when I started receiving what seemed like spam emails trying to get me to sign up for more worthless programs like “credit protection.” I would have just targeted all the capital emails as spam, but what if I actually had an urgent email about misuse of my card sent to me and I never received it. So I was forced to continue to receive these spam like emails.

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I put up with the annoying emails for a while, but when I started to receive phone calls from Capital One trying to sell me more crap on the card this is where I draw the line. This company just doesn’t know when to quit. They do a great job annoying their customers, and giving them a hard time.

I canceled my zero apr credit card with Capital One shortly after I started receiving these harassing phone calls. I switched to a Discover Card for their 5% cash back bonus and couldn’t have been happier with my decision. I will never use Capital One again!

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