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Captain D’s seafood restaurant review – there was a piece of plastic in my shrimp!

Captain D's seafood restaurant review
I went to Captain D's and got a big, hard piece of plastic in my butterfly shrimp!

I took the family to the Captain D’s restaurant located on Woodlawn Rd. here in Charlotte NC (the one between Park Rd. and I-77). My sons wanted some breaded fish and I hadn’t eaten at Captain D’s in over 13 years so I figured it was a good idea. And the added benefit here was that if the kids were happy, mommy would be happy and if mommy was happy then everybody was happy.

We got to Captain D’s and the person behind the counter was a little rude and snappy – I don’t think he wanted to be working there on that day. Maybe he just didn’t like the fact that he was working there at all? I don’t know, but he was a little standoffish or rude to us when it came time for us to place our order.

I ordered the butterfly shrimp. My wife and the kids all got the 4 piece Captain D’s fish platters. The kids and my wife said the fish was good but the Hushpuppies were hard and over fried. They were almost non-edible. My hushpuppies were the same – dark and hard. I have had hushpuppies from other restaurants and even a local fish fry that were far better. These were the worst hushpuppies that I had ever had.

Then there was the shrimp. I had ordered the sweet and spicy orange flavored butterfly shrimp. It tasted like General Tso’s chicken. It really wasn’t that great. The shrimp didn’t have much flavor at all. Then to make matters worse, when I bit down on one of the pieces of butterfly shrimp I bit into something really hard and thought I had cracked a tooth or something.

Fortunately I didn’t crack a tooth, but I found it was a large piece of plastic that was inside the shrimp. That was just nasty. What is a large piece of plastic (the size of a nickel or two) doing inside a piece of fried butterfly shrimp? Someone could really hurt themselves crunching down their teeth on something like that.

I complained to the guy that rang us up earlier and he told me that I must have put that in there to try and get a refund or something. He was just one rude employee. I asked to speak to the manager and was told they had stepped out and wouldn’t be back for a while. So they didn’t refund me or give me a different order to replace mine with the shrimp with the plastic in it.

It’s going to be another very long time before I go back to Captain D’s.

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