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Car Repair and J & J Auto Shop – great mechanics that will save you big money in Charlotte NC!

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora and the other day I went out to start the car and it wouldn’t start. It made a strange grinding or rattling noise. I then happened to be talking to my neighbor (they were out getting their newspaper and came over to see what the problem was with my car). They said it was probably my starter and that they knew this guy J.T. at J & J Auto Shop that does mobile repairs. My neighbor said he and his employees are really good at fixing anything automotive from deep engine work to radiators, starters and electrical work.

So I gave them a call and J.T. came right out to my house. He quickly took a look at my vehicle and determined that it was in fact the starter. He said that my starter was probably burned up and it was going to take him a few hours to replace it because on my particular car starters basically located inside the engine. You’ll see this in the pictures below where J.T. had to remove the entire intake manifold to get access to the starter.

Oldsmobile aurora burned up starter

In the picture above you can see the obviously burned-out and worn out starter. See the carbon and soot that was just falling out of it? It was obviously gone. But removing and replacing the starter on a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora is no easy task. The starter has one of the weirdest locations in any car I’ve ever seen. It is basically located inside the engine area right above the pistons and below the air intake manifold (a very weird design to say the least). This also makes this a very hard to work on car and expensive. The local car dealerships wanted over $1,000 to replace the starter (including parts). J.T. did this for less then half of what the dealers and name brand service centers wanted.

Old worn intake gaskets for oldsmobile aurora

Above is a picture of the old worn intake gaskets which needed to be replaced as a part of this service repair. And below is a picture showing the new intake manifold gaskets installed on the intake manifold. What’s nice to note here is that J.T. was just a great guy and took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything he was doing with this car repair to me.

new intake gaskets installed

Above is a picture of the brand new starter waiting to be bolted in. That’s just a crazy place to put the starter inside the engine area like that. It makes you wonder what does the designers at Oldsmobile were thinking. But it was no problem for this guy J.T. he didn’t make one complaint and worked on it like it was no big deal.

New starter waiting to be installed.

And before I knew it J.T. had all put back together and running better than ever before. The car runs like it’s brand-new now. And I say that on a money over going to one of the nearby new car dealerships or any of the big name repair shops like Meineke, Monroe and the others.

Oldsmobile aurora fixed with new starter and intake gaskets

Keep in mind my car is over 13 years old and runs like its new. I also now have a great mechanic that I can call and have the option of going to his business or having him come and work on my car in my driveway. Now that is convenience. And need I say again I got a great deal on the service and all the parts.

Close up of finished engine

If you want great service from a very knowledegable and local Charlotte, NC mechanic for your car then you need to give J.T. and the guys at J & J Auto Shop a call. Here’s their contact information from his card:

J & J Auto Shop
3500 Carolina Ave. Suite C.
Charlotte, NC 28208

I highly recommend them and give them a big thumbs up. Best mechanics I’ve ever had work on my car!


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