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I got a link in an email the other day to this website,, which proclaimed to save car buyers a bundle of money and get them the very best deals on new or used cars. So I went to the website and tried it out. Now, keep in mind, I have a friend that wholesales used cars and so I have access to things like the infamous Black Book and other authoritative sources to check out car values and what really is a good deal. Anyways, I tried their site out and every deal I found was terrible.

That’s right, all deals on a full sized car had at least $3,000 on up to $5,000 or more in markup left in them – in other words there was no real deal to be had at Anyone can get better numbers and a far better deal themselves without a Black book or advanced automotive knowledge. Just go to – they are one of my favorite websites to get real information on dealer markup, cost of accessories, etc. You can even get used car true market pricing there.

CarDealExpert website
I tried and found it to be a complete waste of time – no good deals to be had whatsoever!

Then, armed with this information anyone can easily go down to their local car dealerships and get a far better deal then the ridiculously high prices offered on With the information from you can generally get a new car at or below invoice and on a used car whittle the car dealer down to a $1,000 or less profit. Nothing on came even close.

The average deal on CarDealExpert, even though they claimed it to be better then good, was absolutely horrible – like $300 off or maybe even $500 off on a used Mercedes Benz E class. You might as well just go in to your local car dealership and offer to buy the car at full asking price or MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) on a new car. I mean there really is no difference there.

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So, the best thing to do when buying a new or used car is to:

1) avoid as it is a complete waste of time

2) do a little research

3) use to find cars that have good reliability and to get the invoice or true market value

4) if you want a second opinion on a new car use Consumer Reports New Car Price Service (just call 1(800)651-4636 and they will give you pretty much the same info as for $14 per report)

5) read the articles on that pertain to buying a new or used car – I found some of their articles, like especially the one on saving on car financing and how the finance managers lie and all their little tricks and tactics to be especially helpful – read it here –> car dealer tricks and scams. Some other great, informative articles are auto sales 101, the used car buyers guide and how to find the best deals

6) Also, be sure and have a independent mechanic check out any used vehicle before you buy it.

7) Never buy your car on the first visit to a car dealership – they will always call you back with a lower price or offer you some freebies instead like a painted spoiler, upgraded wheels, etc.

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8) Don’t buy any late model Volvo – ever! Volvos in the 1980’s were built like tanks, but since the 1990’s they are the worst built vehicles on the road and a nightmare to maintain and fix – avoid Volvos like the plague! You can read my review on Volvos here –>Volvo complaint

9) Get a subscription to Consumer Reports magazine for $20-$30 (I got mine for $20 through a deal on The magazine is full of all kinds of good news and info all geared at saving you money, time and hassle.

If you stick to my list, avoid – as they clearly suck – and use common sense you will save thousands on your next car purchase. Besides, I learned so much after visiting that I got a great deal ($800 under the lowest invoice price on a brand new Honda Accord EX V6 loaded with every option. I am sure that if I were stupid and had used I would have gotten a price about $4,000 or so higher.

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