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Carmines Restaurant Complaint – The Worst Restaurant Service Ever!

Carmines had pretty good food, but terrible service!

I was taking a vacation to New York City with my girlfriend to do some sight seeing and to enjoy the city. After a long day we decided to get something to eat. We had asked a local where to get some good italian food and the person we spoke with recommended we try Carmines in Times Square.

It was dinner time so we expected there to be a bit of a line. The place was pretty crowded, but we stepped up to the hostess stand anyways. We asked how long the wait would be and she said about 25 minutes. We agreed to wait, and stepped over closer to the bar. There weren’t any seats at the bar so we just stood to the side.

We waited literally 2 minutes until we were greeted and brought to our table. So much for waiting 25 minutes. They must have screwed something up because we obviously cut some people. They were there waiting before we even got there. However, we didn’t complain.

We sat down and our waitress came over to greet us. She was a middle aged woman with shorter hair. She didn’t give us any menus which I was kind of confused by. She took our drink orders and went off to get them. When she came back she explained that the menus were posted up on the wall and she pointed to them. She then made a snide comment and said “it was a man’s idea to put them up there.” This kind of gave me the impression she was a lesbian.

We looked them over quickly and decided we wanted to both order the chicken parmesan listed on the wall. She then said it would be too much food and it didn’t come with any pasta. I was very confused by this. She did a poor job explaining how things worked at this restaurant. Finally she said she would be able to put in an order of chicken parmesan with pasta for us to share family style. It took a while to get her to say she could do that. I felt as if we were fighting with her on how to order. It was very frustrating.

We waited for an awfully long time for our food to come out. We had to have waited for a good 40 minutes, and our waitress did not come over one time to give us an update or see how we were doing. We had finished our drinks really quickly since we had been out and about all day in the heat. We tried repeatedly to get her attention so we could refill our drinks but it seemed like she was just ignoring us.

The food came and it was delivered by a different waiter. We asked if he could refill our drinks because we could not get our waitress to come over. He said that he would, but never did. We started eating and the food was very good. However we couldn’t continue eating without a drink to go with it. Our mouths were just too dry.

We eventually had to ask the waitress at the table next to us to refill our drinks. She did and apologized for the lack of service we were receiving at our table. We finished eating and had to take a lot of it home. It was just too much food. However, it was very good. I just wish the service was better.

I would say that in all my years this was the worst service I have ever received at a restaurant. I always leave at least a 20% tip but with this waitress, and her horrible service she deserved nothing. I however left her only 10% because I would have felt guilty just stiffing her completely. I would only eat there again if we got the food to go. The service there was just atrocious.

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