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Carolinas Medical Center – University hospital review and complaint!

Carolinas Medical Center - University hospital review and complaint
I had a horrible experience with the Carolinas Medical Center - University!

We had the unfortunate experience of using their radiology department. They along with their radiologist team (Charlotte radiology) did the worst job I have ever seen. I think I would have gotten better results if I had used the crew from Jackass or some other moronic movie. Even a Walmart greeter could have done better.

They completely missed what they were supposed to be looking for. Gave a wrong diagnosis to the doctor and the wrong treatments were done. We had to get a specialist involved whom did their own ultrasound and found the issue immediately – a growth the size of a thumb or bigger – and began corrective treatment for this issue. Sad to say, the radiology department at CMC University and their radiology group (Charlotte Radiology) couldn’t find the broad side of a barn.

I would definitely avoid anything to do with CMC – University and especially anything to do with radiology there. They are the worst I have EVER seen. I can only wonder how many people or patients have been improperly diagnosed there and been given wrong treatments because of that. I also placed this complaint on Yelp and Yelp “filtered it” because CMC pays them money to hide or remove negative reviews or complaints like mine!

– update – it turns out the problem lies with CMC University solely and not Charlotte Radiology. CMC University personnel even tried to pawn off their mistake on the doctor like it wasn’t their fault at all. And the characters at CMC that told me they would take care of my complaint (to include a Tony Kouskolekas – vice president of something there) will not return any of my phone calls or letters. They screwed up and they know they did and they don’t care!

I would definitely think twice before going to CMC University for anything. I wonder what Leon Levine and his wife along with other large donors to CMC and CMC – University will think when they see my complaint about CMC University and how they handle some complaints by paying off review websites like Yelp to hide or “filter” complaints and negative reviews.

What a world class operation they’ve got going on over there at CMC – not. Avoid CMC altogether. Presbyterian is sooo much better!

One thought on “Carolinas Medical Center – University hospital review and complaint!

  1. I had a accident on 4/19/2013 I came in the hospital with pain in my neck and a bad headache round11: ish the Doctor check me out and wrote me a prescription for some meds and sent me home…I was still in pain but felt much worse four days after the accident, so I went back and the Dr said its muscle spasms and all I need to do is take the meds that was provided four days ago and this nurse came in the room name Terra was so ruled with the way she was talking ti me about what t b e Dr. Said … I’m trying to ask her questions and she tried to shut the door on me while I’m standing in the door way and as she walks to the hallway another patient was standing in the hallway idk why but she was mean to him also, talking to a grown man in his 40’s as if he was four years old ….so I’m smh and saying to myself if you don’t like helping people nursing should not be a career that you choose! ! So I talk to the head night Nurse name Micheal and he took my complaint so he say a d I also talked to the Dr that gave her the orders to give me and he was nice and said if I have anymore problems come talk to him.l feel if you dont like you job or you lack in customer skills ….working at the hospital should be the last pplace you should work Terra!!! Treating people like that you won’t get far. …

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