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Cars the movie brand kids tomato and cucumber seed growing kit at Home Depot review – this little grow garden kit is great and the kids love growing their own vegetables!

Cars the movie brand kids tomato and cucumber seed growing kit at Home Depot review
I bought this grow garden at Home Depot for my son and it turned out to be a great learning and bonding experience!

I went to go to Home Depot the other day with one of my sons and as we were walking through the garden supplies area he noticed a small plastic container with the pictures of Lightning McQueen and TowMater from the children’s movie Cars.  It turned out that it was a window sill seed starter kit and it had two types of seeds in it – steak tomatoes and some kind of cucumbers.

My son just had to have it as he liked plants and he wanted to grow his own plants.  I think he also wanted it because it came with stickers from the movie.  There was a sticker sheet in their with all the lead characters from the movie  Cars – Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Tow Mater, Luigi, etc..  I told him that if he was really going to pay attention to and take care of these plants that he could have it.

This kit was right next to the Jiffy brand window sill seed germination kits.  The Jiffy ones were about $3 each so I figured this Cars brand seed kit would be about the same price – I was wrong.  There was no price anywhere on the display with these Cars seed germination kits and I couldn’t find a Home Depot employee to find out what the price was.

So we just put it in the cart – actually, my son took it back out of the cart and he wanted to carry it himself as he liked it so much.  When we got to the cashier to check out I found out it was $10 for the Cars brand seed kit.  About 3 times more than the Jiffy kits, but I couldn’t put that back now – my son loved it and wanted it so bad he couldn’t put it down.  I am sure he would have been heartbroken and had no interest in one of the Jiffy brand window sill seed germination kits.

When we got home we opened up the kit and followed the instructions.   We filled the plastic blue tray with some water and the little seed starter soil pellets soaked it right up and within seconds grew to 10 times their size dry.  I used a Jiffy brand seed kit once before and it took like 30 minutes to get the peat pods to swell enough with water to use.  The ones in the Cars brand seed kit worked almost immediately – it was cool to watch them grow so fast in size.

We then placed the tomato seeds in one row and the cucumber seeds in the second row.  We placed the plastic lid in place and placed it in the kitchen window.  Within 3 days the little seedlings started to emerge.  The tomato seedlings and the cucumber ones look exactly alike until they get to be about a foot high.  So it is very important to use the plastic labels they provide with the seed germination kit so you plant them correctly in your garden.

Every seed we planted grew and became a big plant fast.  They are not quite ready to give us ripe tomatoes or cucumbers yet, but I am sure they will soon.  This kit may have been a little more expensive then what I wanted, but it worked out to be a great learning and bonding experience with my son.  He may only be 5 years old, but he now realizes how long it takes to grow vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers and he will soon see why homegrown vegetables are almost always bigger, more flavorful and tastier then store bought.

I highly recommend this Cars brand seed germination kit for summer projects or learning experiences for kids.  My son loves it and likes to look at his tomato and cucumber plants daily to see if they’ve grown and he can’t wait to see the tomatoes and cucumbers start growing.

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