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Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant Review

Casa Grande Restaurant Mexican
Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant
Great little Mexican restaurant in nearby Salisbury NC!

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant

905 Klumac Rd

Salisbury, NC 28147


I saw this little Mexican place on Jake Alexander Boulevard and decided to give it a try.  It’s located right off of Jake Alexander Boulevard right next to I 85 and exit 75.  For lunch is definitely not bad and you get a lot of food and will definitely not leave hungry.  I had the Wednesday lunch special which included a beef burrito, loaded taco with cheese, and rice.  They serve this with your choice of drink and an endless supply of salsa and chips.  The salsa is a little bit hot, but very good.  They also gave me a side of guacamole which I added to the taco and it made it just that much better.

Service was nice.  The wait staff was very professional.  They made a little mix up at the end and get our checks messed up a little but that took them a minute to get it fixed and all was good.  The food was probably some of the best Mexican food I’ve had in a long time.  The atmosphere was very relaxing and not too loud.  I ordered a pink lemonade and it was very good.  They also give free refills and it was a good overall experience.

I definitely recommend them and I will definitely be back.  Casa Grande is a really good Mexican restaurant.

The lunch special
The tasty $6 lunch special!

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