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Cash America Pawn shop in Dallas TX complaint – be wary of these people they will lie to you and then rip you off terribly!

Cash America Pawn shop in Dallas TX complaint
Cash America pawn shop here in Dallas TX ripped me off big time - don't go there!

I have a complaint about a terrible and corrupt pawn shop located here in Dallas Texas – the Cash America pawn shop on Jefferson Blvd.

Cash America Pawn
626 W Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75208-4724
(214) 948-1522   (877) 421-2000

On or about January 5, 2007, I talked to the staff and manager in front of your pawn shop. I told at length how I had lost my job and was in dire straits and needed $3,000.00 to
pay off some medical bills, rent and more. I explained to the manager that I still had furniture and other expensive items that I would be selling in the classifieds and on the local Craigslist here in Dallas Texas.

I and a friend spent lots of time meeting with the people that called on the ads. At the time you made the loan to me, I handed you a check in the amount of $3,500.00 to cover the principle and interest. It was post dated as you instructed me to do by several months.

The items I had for sale did not sell as well as I would have thought. So you were kind let me roll over the original loan, and I handed you a check for the interest due (something like $400). I continued to try and sell my items in the local Dallas newspaper classifieds and on Craigslist. I also tried to sell some of the items at a local flea market. Unfortunately, as you know, due to the recession people are not buying or are offering way too low an amount (one Mexican idiot offered me $15 for a $2500 dresser set). That was a ridiculous offer!

I told the manager of my hardships and how hard it was selling my items for cash here in Dallas Texas. Again, you let me roll over the original loan, and I kept handing you checks to cover the very high interest on the original loan.

I then sold a few of the items I had advertised on Craigslist and I wrote you a check for the amount of current interest plus the remaining principle. I thought it was all done and over with. You were paid thousands in interest and I had paid off the original principle of the loan. I was going to come by the next week to pick up the jewelry that you held against the original loan.

Then a week or so later I received a letter giving me a few months to bring my account current. I immediately responded to this letter asking how this could be. I had paid your pawn shop thousands in interest and paid off the principle. Plus you were now holding my jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

Someone at Cash America Pawn in Dallas then called me at my home and threatened me with criminal charges and that they were going to go to the police and have me put in jail. I have since found out that that was both a lie and illegal – any debts are a civil matter and not a criminal matter and it is against US federal law to threaten criminal charges and imprisonment for civil matters.

You have clearly tried to take advantage of me and I will be getting an attorney for this matter. Soon you will no longer be Cash America Pawn – you will belong to me and I will own your business. It is sad that some business people have to operate like you do ripping off people like myself that have fallen on hard times. Well, wait until I get my attorney on your case.

Cash America Pawn will be in the position I once was – falling on extreme hard times. I am going to sue you into the ground where you belong. Do not go to Cash America Pawn – they will lie to you and then rip you off seriously.

One thought on “Cash America Pawn shop in Dallas TX complaint – be wary of these people they will lie to you and then rip you off terribly!

  1. That’s a little harsh, isn’t it? I mean you were stupid enough to let yourself get into debt with a pawn shop. You should have known better. You also should have known better then to let yourself get into a financial predicament like that.

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