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CD Warehouse cash for dvds review – they only offered to buy a fraction of my collection and wanted to pay less then $1 each!

CD Warehouse cash for dvds review
I took some dvds to CD Warehouse to get some quick cash and they tried to rip me off! I got over 10 times more for them by selling them online!

I saw an advertisement for CD Warehouse (7309 Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC (704)532 and-9143) that said they paid the highest prices for used dvds and cds.  My roommates had left without paying their rent and I needed some quick cash so I got a lot of over 200 dvds that I had and ran them over to CD Warehouse.

When I got there the guy that I talked to looked at my DVDs and put them into a pile of the ones he wanted and the ones that they didn’t want.  we finally had a pile of 50 DVDs that he wanted and he told me he was willing to give me $45 for them.  I paid on average between $20 and $30 for each of these when they were new and most of the ones that he selected that he wanted to buy were recent movies within the past three or so years.

These dvds had only been watched a few times and all had the original packaging with them.  His offer of less than a dollar each was insulting.  I knew that I could take these DVDs and sell them on eBay for between $4 and $10 each all day long.  And if you do the math that means that for the 50 dvds that he wanted to buy from me on the low-end that would come to $200 and $500 on the high end.

He was probably hoping that I would take the $45 and then he was going to sell them himself right on Ebay and pocket a 400% or more profit on these dvds.  Well I wasn’t stupid and I let him know that I knew the value of these dvds and that I had looked them up online on sites like Ebay and

His response was that there would be shipping involved and some would sell and some wouldn’t.  And that the whole process could take months and that he would unload me of the whole problem and give me $45 right there.  I felt like I was in a high-pressure pawn shop.  You ever see Pawn Stars?  They offer far less then the wholesale value so they can make a big, sizable profit for themselves.

This guy was way below the wholesale value for my dvd collection and $45 wasn’t goig to do much for me here.  I needed a couple of hundred bucks.   He wouldn’t budge on his offer for the dvds even though there were hot movies like Avatar, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, the Expendables, and even some great Disney movies in there.

I ended up leaving the CD Warehouse and sold some of the dvds online.  I got $80 for the 10 disney videos alone on Ebay.  On top of that I got an extra $20 out of the shipping and handling (on Ebay everyone knows you charge a little more for the shipping so you can make a profit).  So, just by selling 10 of the dvds I more than doubled what CD Warehouse was trying to offer me for 50 of the best dvds in my collection.

When I was done I ended up selling 56 of the dvds and I pocketed a coll $525! More then 10 times what CD Warehouse wanted to offer me.  The lesson learned here is do not sell your DVDs or CDs at CD warehouse.  They will offer you far too little for them.  Instead sell them online on Ebay and you will get a return 10 times higher!

One thought on “CD Warehouse cash for dvds review – they only offered to buy a fraction of my collection and wanted to pay less then $1 each!

  1. Another place to avoid selling your used dvds: owned by DVD Empire. They initially offer more than other online sellers but they reject more than half of your stuff! Other buyers only reject a small fraction. They initial price was $80 and they gave me $30. Do not sell your dvds to!

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