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Charlotte-Douglas Airport review – A convenient place for travelers

I fly pretty frequently all over the country for various business ventures. This weekend I was in Charlotte, NC for a business meeting before Thanksgiving. I must say though I have flown into Charlotte a few times I have never really appreciated the amenities this airport has to offer.

For a major city with many domestic and international flights I almost never have any problems getting through security. I have had to wait in some horrifying lines in the past. In some cases I have spent over an hour trying to navigate my way through the queue. I have never encountered such problems in Charlotte.

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As I approached the front of the line I was greeted politely by Both TSA workers that I encountered. Once when my ID was checked, and the other when I was guided through the metal detector. Both seemed very happy to be at work. I must admit, it really helps ease the stress of traveling through security to see a smiling face.

This occurrence was a bit surprising to me. Finding a genuinely happy TSA worker can be like finding a needle in a haystack, especially traveling around the holidays. Most TSA employees are being over worked and underpaid this time of year.

After finding my gate I took a seat in the terminal and opened my laptop. My Boingo (a common airport Wi-Fi provider) subscription had just come to an end, so I assumed I would just re-subscribe right now since I wanted to surf the web for a bit while I waited. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Internet there was offered for free. Most airports don’t offer free Internet, and as a frequent travel I really value this service offered.

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Traveling can sometimes be a pain. However, I know I can look forward to future visits to Charlotte. I can kick back, and relax because nine times out of ten I am going to encounter a stress free visit to the Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

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