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Charter Cable Complaint – this cable company tried to rip me off well after I switched providers

Charter Cable will rip you off. Avoid using them at all costs.

I had moved into a new neighborhood and needed to set up my cable at the house. The cable provider in my new area was Charter Cable and didn’t really anticipate any major issues. I called to have them come set an appointment to come to set everything up at the house.

I waited for them to come but of course they were late just like every other cable company in the world. You would think that a 4 hour window would be enough time to get to your destination, but apparently not. That really annoyed me.

The guy that came to set it up was pretty cool though. He apologized for being late, and was very friendly as we talked while he set up the cable. The process didn’t take long, and I was watching TV in no time.

I hadn’t really had any problems with the service itself but I would get bills sent to me that were 200 or 300 dollars more than they should have been. I always had to call every month to get it straightened out and it was really annoying. They kept telling me that it was a mistake and that I only owed the regular amount.

One issue was that they kept tacking on the excess that I wasn’t supposed to pay onto an unpaid balance. This was a bit troubling but Charter Cable kept reassuring me to ignore those charges, and that they are just a mistake. The also claimed they were getting right on fixing it.

About a year later I moved again and moved to a different area where a different cable provider was. I closed my account via phone and I had to show up in person to drop my cable box off. I squared up my last bill while I was in the office and I made sure to ask if everything was all squared away. The woman at the counter reassured me everything was all set.

For the next 3 or 4 months I kept getting bills forwarded to my address claiming that I owed Charter Cable hundreds of dollars. Again I would call to see what was going on, and again they assured me that nothing was wrong and that it was still a mistake and I was all set.

Regardless they kept increasing the owed amount that I didn’t even owe with late fees and other charges. I was really becoming both annoying and concerned with the situation. There is no way that this company could be that bad that they could keep messing up this bill to me for this long, especially considering I am not a customer anymore and wasn’t supposed to be getting any bills.

A few weeks later I received a letter in the mail from a lawyer saying that I need to pay the due amount to Charter Cable or they would take legal action. This was absurd! Charter Cable was trying to rip me off and I was not having any of it. When I called the office this time. This time they claimed I owed them a lot of money and I needed to pay or there would be legal recourse.

I am in the middle of a dispute with Charter Cable right now to get this whole things straightened out, but I am very unhappy with their service, and the fact that they lied to me and keep trying to rip me off. Never use Charter Cable they are terrible!

One thought on “Charter Cable Complaint – this cable company tried to rip me off well after I switched providers

  1. Hello,

    My name is Abby Catron, and I am a Communications Specialist for Charter. I understand the importance of making sure your bill is correct and am sorry to read of the trouble you have had. Please send an e-mail to with the name, address, and phone number on the account, as well as the best number to reach you. Also, please put “CharterAbby – FerrariFan“ in the subject line so I can keep an eye out for the e-mail. I would love the opportunity to get all of this cleared up for you.

    Here’s a link to the Charter Social Media Team’s website for your reference:

    Looking forward resolving your concerns,

    Abby Catron
    Communications Specialist – Charter

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