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Cheddars Casual Cafe Charlotte Review – this place has great food with prices that are dirt cheap

This place has great food, good portions, and really good prices.

It was lunch time and I was hungry so I decided to stop in at Cheddars Casual Cafe in Charlotte, NC to grab a bite to eat. I had never are there before so I didn’t know what to expect. I went with a friend of mine who said it was really good so I had high expectations going in.

We got there and there wasn’t much of a line to get a table. We just had to wait a minute or two at the hostess stand while 2 parties in front of us were sat at tables. The hostess was very kind and polite and sat as down quickly.

Our waitress came over and was also very polite and took our drink orders. I saw they had a strawberry lemonade and I had to get try it. I looked over the menu while we waited on our drinks and I saw they had a really nice variety of different foods. I could get a burger, a little seafood, pasta, or basically whatever I wanted which was nice. I decided to go with the buffalo chicken wrap which came with fries.

I was told by my friend I went with that it was very good so I took him up on it. I took a look around while we waited on our food to find some interesting decor inside the restaurant. There was what looked like a giant old fashion fan spinning on the ceiling in the center which i thought was interesting. I also noticed that the place was immaculately clean which was nice too.

Our food came out shortly and it looked very good. I was a bit surprised at how big my portion was when I got it. It looked to double what I ordered. I was hungry so I was able to scarf down the whole thing, but I felt extremely full afterwards.

Our bill came and I shocked at how cheap this place was. I got a strawberry lemonade a huge buffalo chicken wrap meal all for $7.50. That is simply unheard of. You can spend more money at a fast food restaurant than at Cheddars and you get more, while someone waits on you. It’s not a bad deal. I definitely recommend this place and I will be back many times in the future.

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