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Chens Bistro Chinese Japanese restaurant review – great luch and dinner specials and great food!

Chens Bistro Japanese Chinese restaurant review
Chens Bistro has the best all you can eat sushi buffet in Charlotte NC!


I have had a craving for some sushi and some good Chinese food. Generally sushi is only served in Japanese restaurants. And you have to go to a seperate restaurant to get Chinese food, but there is one restaurant in Charlotte North Carolina called Chen’s Bistro which has both Japanese and Chinese food.

They also have great specials and I believe even lowered their prices recently. So I went there for their all-you-can-eat dinner buffet on Saturday night and it was only $10.99 per person. For an all-you-can-eat buffet that includes all-you-can-eat sushi that is a tremendous value!

Now I’ve seen some buffets at other Japanese restaurants that promise similar deals, but they have a very limited offering of sushi and it’s the cheap kind with fake fish – that’s not real sushi and it tastes like crap. Chen’s bistro does not have that. They have real sushi of any kind you could want.

And if there’s any sushi that you want that’s not out there you can ask them and the sushi chef will make it for you and put it out there on the sushi buffet. For instance there wasn’t any octopus sushi out there and so the sushi chef made a bunch of it up and put it right out there. It only took him a few minutes to do this – now that is service.




For those of you that like authentic real oriental food there’s a section of the buffet devoted entirely to Dim Sum. There are warnings by the Dim Sum telling you that it’s authentic food and to be sure read and know what it is. This is not meant to scare people but it is to inform you of things like shark fin soup, bear paw soup, etc…

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Dim Sum is not what Americans by nature are used to. But along with that there is a great soup bar – I love the egg drop and wonton soups – they have great soups at Chen’s Bistro. But I must say my absolute favorite is still the all you can eat sushi bar. That is definitely what keeps me coming back every two weeks or so now.

I just love the all you can eat dinner buffet at Chen’s Bistro and I highly recommend it to all. If you don’t know where Chen’s is and you live in or around Charlotte NC, its at 230 W.T. Harris Blvd. and its upstairs on the second floor above FedEx Kinkos and next door to the salon.

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