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Chicago Holiday Inn has bed bugs – avoid the Holiday Inn at the Chicago Mart Plaza as it has a bed bug infestation!

Chicago Holiday Inn has bed bugs
Beware of the Holiday Inn at the Chicago Mart Plaza as it has a bed bug infestation!


A few weeks ago I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Chicago Illinois. It was the one in the Chicago Mart Plaza (located at 350 W. Mart Center Drive). When I my wife woke up the next morning we saw all these red marks and what looked like bug bites on our ankles, arms and more. I then searched the sheets and found a few of these little reddish brown bugs – bed bugs!

I told the staff at the hotel and they denied that they had any bedbugs or an infestation of bedbugs of any kind. They said that their hotel had been checked and that they routinely check all their rooms and beds for bed bugs. I showed them the bug bites that I had on my ankles and on my arms.

My wife also showed them the ones on her legs and arms. They said these these must have been from mosquitoes from outside – yeah right, it was probably 40° at best outside. You’ll have mosquitoes in 40° weather. Plus it was really windy and I can’t remember a night here in Chicago when it’s not windy – this would make it impossible for the mosquitoes to be around.

It was definitely 100% bedbugs in our hotel room. I should’ve taken some of the bedbugs and put them in a container or something so I had proof of it, but I had already checked out and my wife and I just wanted to get out of that place and get home. Bed bugs are terrible.




They come out and bite you at night when you’re asleep. This is probably why we didn’t sleep that well and didn’t feel well rested when we got up in the morning. Probably because we kept getting bit by bed bugs through out the night! You would think that a hotel like the Holiday Inn with a big national brand-name would take steps to make sure that they didn’t have a bed bug infestation that would bother their guests.

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It isn’t too hard to find or spot the bedbugs. It only took me a few seconds to pull back the sheets and find several of them. Some of them are bigger than others and some were brown and some were reddish brown. I’m not dumb and I am sure those were bed bugs. The little things were crawling around. So it definitely was not dirt in the sheets.

Until they fumigate or somehow kill all the bed bugs in the Holiday Inn Hotel at the Chicago Mart Plaza I would recommend that you stay somewhere else if you need to stay at a hotel in that vicinity.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Holiday Inn has bed bugs – avoid the Holiday Inn at the Chicago Mart Plaza as it has a bed bug infestation!

  1. Bed bugs are gross and make me break out in hives and such. I got bit up by bed bugs from the Holiday Inn located in downtown Binghamton New York. That is a really sleazy hotel.

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