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China Cafe Charlotte NC Chinese restaurant review – this Chinese restaurant is just average.

China Cafe Charlotte NC Chinese restaurant review
I and my roommate ordered som Chinese food from the China Cafe here in North Charlotte and were sadly disappointed.

I was watching Jersey Shore on TV and decided I wanted some Chinese food along with my roommate here at UNCC (you know, the college in North Charlotte that accepts any and everyone).  So I found a coupon for $5 off of an order of $25 or greater at the China Cafe (located up across from the vet hospital).  So we pulled up their menu online and decided to give them a try.

China Cafe
10230 Berkeley Place Dr. Suite 150
Charlotte, NC 28269

I ordered general Tso’s chicken (dinner size – they offer this for both lunch and dinner sizes). My roommate ordered the sesame shrimp and scallops. The man I spoke to on the phone was a little mean and indifferent. He said it would be done in ten minutes so I then got in my car and headed over to the China Cafe to pick up our order.

When I got there I had to wait about 12 minutes as the girl behind the counter was on the phone with what sounded like her boyfriend. That was a little rude. I thought customers came first and my order was sitting on the counter getting cold and soggy while I waited for her to get off the phone so I could pay for my order and leave.

When she was done she was nice and polite and I gave her the coupon. Even though I told the guy I spoke to over the phone that I had a coupon he had somehow not used it in calculating the price. So the girl had to wring it up all over again and in the middle of doing this another order was called in and I was put on hold for another 7 minutes while that order was taken and she explained what numerous items had and were to the customer over the phone.

I don’t see why she couldn’t have simply asked that person to hold and then quickly finished up with me and then gotten back to them. I was there so long I was sure my Chinese food was going to be cold and soggy. Finally I was able to pay and leave the China Cafe restaurant.

By the time I got back the food was exactly as I had feared – cold and soggy. Plus the bag had leaked (they din’t put the lids on tight or correctly) and the contents had left a stain in my brand new Nissan Maxima – I was livid. To top it off the Chinese food that we bought was mediocre at best. I have had better Chinese food straight from the can.

I definitely don’t recommend the China Cafe Chinese restaurant. The service is poor and the food is not the best or anywhere’s near it. You can find better Chinese food around this area of Charlotte for the same prices. House of Leng is only a few miles down the street and they have some of the best Chinese food in Charlotte. Avoid the China Cafe here in North Charlotte.

One thought on “China Cafe Charlotte NC Chinese restaurant review – this Chinese restaurant is just average.

  1. I ate there at the China Cafe and it was okay, but not anything great. I agree there is far better Chinese food in Charlotte. Have you tried Chen’s Bistro on the corner of Harris Blvd. and University Blvd. Their food is much better.

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