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Cici’s Complaint – I found a pubic hair in my food

I found a hair in my food at Cici's pizza


When you are a college student you are on a tight budget. I wanted to get something to eat with some friends and they suggested Cici’s because it’s cheap, and you get a lot of food. I agreed since I was a tight on cash at the time, and starving.

We walked in and the place was pretty dirty. I didn’t really expect anything more from a low budget place. We payed our 5 dollars for our buffet and proceeded to get our food. I was disappointed with how the buffet was stocked, there wasn’t much available to eat, and nothing new was being made. Regardless I got what I could and sat down.

When in line getting my food I noticed that the employees handling the food didn’t look very well groomed and appeared “crusty.” I was a bit grossed out by their appearance, but tried not to think about it. I didn’t want to let it get to me.




As I was finished up my first plate I noticed something on my plate next to a slice of pizza. As I examined closer I noticed it was a dark, short curly hair. It looked like it could have been a pubic hair from one of the employees that looked like the walking dead.

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I was so grossed out I stood up and yelled about the hair. The manager came over to see what the problem was and I explained that there was pubic hair in my food. He apologized and offered to get me another plate with new pizza.

I told him there was no way I want any food from this gross establishment. I demanded my money back and said I would never eat here again. Manager took care of me, but it is still gross to find a pubic hair in my food. I don’t ever recommend eating there.

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