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Cici’s Pizza lunch buffet review – great place to take the kids for lunch at a great price!

cicis pizza

The other day I and the family went to CiCi’s pizza in Charlotte NC (the restaurant by I-485 and UNCC). The kids love pizza and this sounded like a really good deal – we had two free kids buffet coupons that I printed out off the internet. So the total was about $16 for two adults and 3 children including drinks and the all you can eat buffet.

Cici’s Pizza
10901 University City Blvd #13
Charlotte, NC 28213-8155
(704) 510-5595

I haven’t been to a Cici’s pizza in years, but my wife wanted to take the kids somewhere fun and that they would enjoy. Once we told the kids that we were going to CiCi’s Pizza they were ecstatic – the two older children knew what CiCi’s Pizza was and were happy to be going there. The younger one was happy because the other two were happy.

So we went to CiCi’s pizza on a Saturday. The restaurant had two birthday parties and a few other families there, but it wasn’t overcrowded or a mad house at all. I have seen Wal-mart far more packed then CiCi’s pizza was today. It was nice. The lady at the front was really nice and let us ring up twice so we could take advantage of both of our coupons (they really say limit 1 coupon per purchase).

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So that was nice that she let us do that – it saved us another $4 on a child’s buffet. Once we found a table we headed for the pizza buffet. They had quite the buffet to choose from. They had Barbecue pizza, no sauce pizza, regular cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, sausage and egg pizza, etc… They probably had 12 or thirteen types of pizza out for customers to try and if you wanted something different you could tell the girls behind the counter and they would make it for you.

They also had some really delicious desserts – the cinnamon buns smelled really great and the best dessert was the apple or cheesecake/danish in a pizza crust – that’s right, they cooked the desserts (except for the cinnamon buns) like a pizza. The cheese dessert was the best in my opinion. It tasted just like a morning cheese danish by Entenmanns – I always loved those cheese danishes.

For the health conscious there was a nice salad buffet also. This had lots of croutons, cherry tomatoes, onions, etc… They even labeled the ladles as to which of the dressings were low or no fat. Another great thing was that when you were done with a plate all you had to do was push it to the side and this lady would come and pick them up. You didn’t have to worry about your kids making a mess. This was great.

The kids really enjoyed it and had a great time – I was their hero for a day! Definitely a great value for a family meal.

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