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CigArrest smoking cessation and remedy review – this smoke remedy is a complete scam!

CigArrest smoking cessation and remedy review
I bought the CigArrest smoking cessation product and it didn't work - I then found out it is a 100% scam!

I ordered the smoking cessation program CigArrest as I saw that it was a 90 day free trial and they 100% guaranteed a full refund if I was dissatisfied in any way. I know that I had been smoking for years and I needed to stop else I would probably die of cancer just like my relatives that smoked heavily for years.

Another reason why I ordered the CigArrest smoke remedy program is that it contained no nicotine and with all natural. I had read on numerous scientific websites that nicotine is a poison and will slowly kill off the cells in the body over time. Not only that but it’s also highly addictive (possibly just as addictive or even more addictive then cocaine).

According to the packaging, the main active ingredients in CigArrest are:

Lobelia Inflata which is supposed to be similar to nicotine and help replace my
body’s cravings for it.

Cinchona Officinalis which is supposed to treat the shakes and edginess that can come
from quitting smoking.

Daphne Indica which helps with the nervousness, nicotine cravings and

Plantago Major which is supposed to replace the usual taste of tobacco with a
disgusting taste which helps to stop cravings for tobacco.

Calcarea Phosphorica Treats the headaches and body aches that will usually result from
quitting smoking. It is also used to treat smoker’s dry and irritated

Nux Vomica is a poisonous herb (hence the more common name poison nut)
used in minute amounts as a restorative preparation. Used to treat
insomnia and irritability as well as coughing and scraping in the
throat made worse by smoking tobacco.

These are all herbs and are natural, but as to whether or not any of them work in the manner as described is debatable at best. The USDA states that there is no evidence that backs the medicinal properties of any of the active ingredients included in CigArrest. In other words it plain doesn’t work and is a 100% scam.

Anyone can go and create a concoction of herbs and spices and say that they are for treating anything from a headache to hypertension to smoking cravings and desires. That does not mean that they work in the slightest bit whatsoever for that purpose. It’s kind of like going to see a psychic or trying to read into the future. It is very ambiguous at best and there is no conclusive evidence anywhere that Cigarrest does anything to help aid in quitting smoking.

Well, I tried CigArrest and their entire smoking cessation program. Just like most herbal concoctions that you buy over-the-counter this one had no effect on me whatsoever. Not only that but then they rip you off with their guarantee. Regardless of what you do or how many times you call them to cancel this thing before the trial is over they will automatically charge you $200 or so.

I don’t know how many times I had to call their customer service number to complain and tell them that I did not want this product. I even sent it back in at my expense and I have been tracking information to prove that it was delivered to them and they still won’t refund me. I initially did this so that I wouldn’t be charged for this crappy smoke remedy product that does not help with smoking cessation whatsoever, but then after they charged me anyway I had to try and get a refund from them.

I then went and wrote a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. That is when I found out how big of a scam this CigArrest really is. They literally have thousands and thousands of negative complaints both at the Better Business Bureau and elsewhere all over the Internet. CigArrest is a bona fide 100% scam! do not order their smoking cessation product as it does not work in the slightest bit (it does not work anymore towards quitting smoking then taking your daily vitamins).

I wonder how many complaints it is going to take on the Internet, at the Better Business Bureau and elsewhere before the government finally gets involved and shuts down CigArrest…

2 thoughts on “CigArrest smoking cessation and remedy review – this smoke remedy is a complete scam!

  1. And I was almost going to order smoke remedy when I read this. Thanks you saved me from this scam that is taking advantage of people like me that are desperately trying to quit smoking.

  2. Hi. I’m sorry to hear you were scammed by this predatory company. My co-counsel and I are working on filing a class action and welcome your involvement. If you are interested in sharing your experience for the case, please contact me at (413) 525-3820. We cannot use these internet complaints, but must hear directly from the victims. There is strengh in numbers! Thank you.

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