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Circle K Review – none of their credit card machines worked

I had a horrible experience at Circle K

I was on my way home from work and needed gas pretty badly. My gas light has been on for a couple of days now so I stopped at the next gas station I saw which was a Circle K. It was packed for some odd reason. Cars flying every which way, and there was even a few cops in there supervising.

I had never seen a gas station so crowded before. Regardless I pulled up to the last pump available and got out of my car to slide my credit card. When I got out to slide my card I kept getting a card error reading. I pay my bill so I know it wasn’t on my end. I tried a couple of my cards with still no luck so I decided to go inside to figure out what the problem was.

When I went inside to figure it out they man at the register told me that all their credit card machines were down both at the pumps and at the register. I said how could that be possible. What if you didn’t have cash to pay with? The man behind the counter didn’t seem to care much about my problem and dismissed me.

I felt like this was prosperous. I didn’t think I had enough gas to make it to the next gas station so I was forced to use their risky ATM machine at the gas station. I say risky because ATM’s like those are often where credit numbers are stolen. It wasn’t a very secure place to take out money.

On top of worrying about my credit card information being stolen I had to pay a ridiculous 6 dollar ATM fee just to take out money to buy gas. This had to be one of the worst experiences ever. It was just a simple task of trying to get gas turned into a nightmare.

I paid for my gas in cash and drove home. I was so frustrated though with my experience at Circle K. I know to avoid going to any Circle K’s from now after that horrible credit card experience. They have horrible customer service and can’t provide their customers with any basic needs.

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