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Clear Internet service provider review – they are Clearly horrible!

Clear Internet service provider review
Clear internet service is horrible - take it from me!

You know what? I just canceled my service with Clear internet and would never have had any issue with them until this point. It was totally unbelievable. I have used them for a while and it was okay and then when I tried to quit their service it all went downhill really fast.

I heard that Clear had a long cancellation process, but I didn’t know quite how bad it was. After calling one week prior to gathering information on their cancellation process and requirements, I was ready to tackle the hour long phone call to complete the cancellation that I’d heard about and embarked on that today.

After asking the SAME questions to ensure my complete understanding of the process AND my eventual satisfaction in the end, I spoke to 3 “peggys” before realizing I would not have service through the end of the month I had just been charged for days earlier, and would NOT receive a prorate refund for any service not used and already paid.

The end result of this canceling of my internet service with Clear was not what I had thought. instead of an offer to reinstate my service immediately, I was STILL going be charged the early term fee, AND still charged an additional early termination fee if I canceled later that month after getting the use of the service for the period I had paid for!!!

WOW am I glad to be rid of Clear. They are clearly a scam and they suck. I am going to tell my story all over the internet in hopes that no one else goes through this! I hope to keep others from having such a terrible internet and customer service nightmare in their future!!!!!!! BEWARE! DO NOT UTILIZE CLEAR AS YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER!!

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