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Coby Kyros MID7015-4G 7″ Tablet Computer review – for $140.99 at this little device packs quite a punch!

Coby Kyros MID7015-4G 7" Tablet Computer review
I bought the Coby Kyros tablet computer for my wife and it is simply awesome in every way!

I was looking for an mp3 player to replace my wife’s old Zune mp3 player that we bought like 5 years ago. I had grown tired of the $14.99 per month contract that we had to continue through the Microsoft Zune website in order to be able to use the music from their site. And every month, like clockwork, the songs would become useless until the Zune was synchronized back with Microsoft online.

I also hated the fact that there were certain Indie type songs and videos that Microsoft would automatically place on the Zune without any warning and I couldn’t get them off of it. This was very annoying. My wife would be using the Zune in the middle of an aerobics workout when out of nowhere a weird Indian trance or Yoga song would chime in. Some of these were really annoying especially the yoga ones.

So I searched online for a better mp3 player. I looked at the Sony walkmans, Creative mp3 players and more and then I happened upon these tablet computers with larger screens that seemed to be everything I and my wife could want and more. They looked really neat and could do so much more than a regular run of the mill mp3 player, but the problem was most of them were priced too high between $250 and $500.

Then I found that had the new Coby Kyros MID7015-4G tablet computer with a 7 inch screen (this was smaller then most of the tablets, but much larger then any of the mp3 players I was originally looking at so this was fine for us) for only $140.99 and they even shipped it for free! That was a deal and when I read up on the specs of the Coby tablet pc I was hooked.

I liked the fact that I could easily add microSD cards to boost the Coby Kyros tablet computer’s storage memory at will. Not all of the mp3 players could do this. What I also liked was the big 7 inch screen. Most of the mp3 players that I looked at with touch screens were just too small and some were very difficult to operate. When I would touch the screen to operate one function sometimes I would get something else to happen. Either my fingers were too big or the touch screen functionality was just too sensitive.

With the Coby Kyros the screen was more than 3 times the size of most touch screen mp3 players and I had no problems with functionality at all like I did with the mp3 players. I could clearly and easily read and see everything with the much larger screen. What I also liked is that unlike with the MP3 players this was a fully functional tablet PC and there was so much more I or my wife could do with this. I and my wife could even watch movies or TV shows while driving long trips in the car.

What sealed the deal for me was the price. Most of the MP3 players are looking at with a minimum of 16 gb of memory were in the $100 to $200 range. At I was able to purchase the Coby Kyros MID7015-4G tablet computer for $140.99 with free shipping. Since then I have purchased an additional 16 gb microSD card so my wife and I store all the music we could ever want on it.

This thing is awesome! I no longer am hooked into paying $14.99 per month for music and I can make full use of my TorrentPrivacy VPN and load the Coby full of all the music I want for free. I have awesome quality sound and can get any album or song I want. The Coby is easy to use and my wife absolutely loves it. The only problem I have now is trying to get it away from her so I can use it – I may have to buy one for myself…

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