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COIT air duct cleaning review – great people and great service – they really did a great job in cleaning out the air ducts in our house.

COIT air duct cleaning review
I bought a filthy foreclosure property and COIT did a great job at cleaning out the air ducts and their price wasn't bad either!

Last year I bought a foreclosure property that apparently was not very well cared for. I mean I knew to some extent that I was going to have to do a good bit of work on the house to refurbish it and get it back to live in condition. But I forgot to check one thing prior to buying the house – the air ducts and filters.

The rest of the house was a mess as there was literally garbage all over the place – apparently the previous homeowners lived in filth. But after I got the deed to the house and the keys from my attorneys I walked through the house with my handyman that I found off of craigslist years ago and he removed the filters which were absolutely filthy.

It looked like there was an inch of debris and dust on the outside of the filters. And when he peered into the air vents and ducts with his flashlight we could see there was at least a half an inch of dust and debris coated throughout. Hopefully this didn’t ruin the air conditioner or heater motors as this could easily clog up or at least strain the air conditioner and heater units.

My handyman told me to call COIT which is a local air duct cleaning company. He said their specialists and cleaning out air ducts regardless of their shape and that they are very reasonable in price. He said that these air ducts needed to be cleaned out immediately so he could then go and test the air conditioning and heating unit. That way I would know about her as the net as to how much it was going to cost to repair this house so we could move in.

So we called COIT (1-800-367-2648) and they came over a few days later – apparently they were busy on another similar foreclosure home that they told us was even nastier than one I had bought. They came over in this cool looking truck and said breath clean air tonight.

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The guys from COIT were very nice and definitely knew what they were doing and got right to work. By the end of the day they had cleaned out all the air ducts and if you look at any of them they looked brand-new. You could see a spot of dust anywhere in them. I couldn’t have cleaned the air ducts any better and they would’ve taken me a very long time and I would never been able cleanup the insides of the air ducts.

Their charge for this service was actually a lot lower than I thought it was going to be. They also offered to clean the carpets and floors after we had removed all the trash from inside the house. They don’t remove trash and garbage like we had everywhere in there. But, I must say, the experts at COIT did a great job was cleaning out this foreclosure houses air ducts and I am impressed with their professionalism and results.

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