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College Football Rankings Complaint – The BCS is Bad for College Football

The BCS is a horrible system and needs to be changed


I have been an avid sports fan my whole life. I follow all the major professional sports and some college sports. I love college basketball but can never seem to get into BCS College Football. I think that is mostly because of the horrible BCS system they have in place.

The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) is used to determine the national champion in college football. There is no playoff system, just the top two teams ranked by a computer system, as well as the associated press writers polls play for a national championship.

Seems simple enough right? Wrong! Every year there are more than 2 teams the best record in Division 1 college football. However, depending on who you play, and the margin of defeat could play into whether you go up or down in the rankings.

This horrible system discriminates against teams that are not in the BCS conferences (Big East, ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, and PAC 10). The winner of each of those conferences gets an automatic bid at one of 4 BCS Bowl games. This leaves room for only 2 non BCS conference teams to get into a BCS bowl. So if you have 3 non BCS teams that win all their games, only two will compete in a BCS bowl game.

What is worse is if there are 3 undefeated teams including BCS teams only 2 of the 3 can compete in the national championship. You could do everything right, win all your games, and it still might not be enough to get you in to play for a national championship. The system is clearly biased and unfair.




In the case of TCU this year they won all their games and it still wasn’t good enough. In years past where both Boise State and TCU went undefeated, along with 2 BCS teams going undefeated, only the two BCS teams competed for a national championship. Who is to say that either Boise or TCU weren’t the first or second best team, and could play in that national championship game.

BCS supporters (teams in the BCS Conferences) will argue that the non BCS teams just need to play against better teams. The sad fact of the matter is that no one will play these good non BCS teams because it is a lose, lose situation for their school. If they lose they will be looked at as losing to a lesser team, and if they win they will be looked at as if they should have won that game anyways, or won it by more. It’s simply an unjust system.

There is a call for a playoff system, but the BCS makes a lot of money for a lot of BCS schools, and people who work closely with the BCS. There is really the only one group of people who win with this BCS system.

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The players who work so hard all year round to compete are often left empty handed for all their hard work. The practice in countless two-a-days (two practices in a day) in the scorching summer heat of August.

The fans deserve a playoff system too. They are really the ones who financially support these teams. They should at least be rewarded with a fair system for their team to play in. There has been some out cry by fans to change the system but it doesn’t look like anything is being done about it.

As the BCS Bowl games approach this year, it’s sadly the same old story. There needs to be some sort of change in how college football is run. Until enough people speak up about it, nothing will ever get done.

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