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Compare Foods Charlotte NC grocery store complaint – the meat they sell is smelly and rancid!

Compare Foods Charlotte NC grocery store complaint
I went to the Compare Foods grocery store on North Tryon Street and found it to be a dump and their meats are rancid!

I saw an advertisement in the mail that showed some really low prices on foods and especially meats at the Compare Foods grocery store located on North Tryon Street here in Charlotte North Carolina.

Compare Foods
4300 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC

So I went there and found that the place was loaded or filled with the dregs of society. It looked like all the losers that ride the bus here in Charlotte Mecklenburg were in the store. It was full of welfare moms with babies from 4 different fathers or more and homeless people and Indians stocking up their quickie mart’s or restaurant back rooms.

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This was definitely not a place that I would be coming back to, but I felt obligated to buy something so I didn’t look like a loser when I left the store. so I found the meets they had on sale and bought some pork chops and some beef shoulder steaks. The price was good on these meets I figured I couldn’t go wrong at $3.49 per pound for shoulder steaks and $2.99 for the pork chops.

When I picked out the meats I should have known that the blood I saw in the case underneath the meats was probably indicative of something not being right with the meats. I figured they had just been cut and were fresh so it didn’t mean anything. so I bought those meats along with a few other items (like bananas and beer) and proceeded to the checkout.

At this Compare Foods store they have the most cramped checkout lanes I think I’ve seen any grocery store anywhere. You can barely fit your card in there. At least the checkouts were quick, unlike Wal-Mart where you can actually wait in line for half an hour easily. There were more unsavory characters by the cash register and the exit. It must be the steeple whom were primarily of Spanish or Mexican descent must have nothing better to do than hang out at the local ghetto grocery store.

Then I got out to the parking lot and found there was a bunch of most likely illegal Mexicans hanging out leaning against my car. It was too dark out to tell if they had scratched it in anyway. They also look like they could have just gotten out of prison so I just excused myself and got in my car. One of the Mexicans spoke broken English and wanted to know if I wanted to donate to their cause. I said no and took off.

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That is one unsavory grocery store. Anyway, I put the meets in the freezer and the beer in the refrigerator. Then I went to bed because I was tired. The next night when I took out the beef shoulder steaks to cook them I noticed that they didn’t smell or look right. They had started to look a little brownish and so was the liquid in the wrapped container. It also had a really nasty smell it was starting to go rancid.

I called up the Compare Foods store and told them that the meat I just purchased there the previous day was rancid. They told me they had a return policy that meat items had to be returned in 24 hours. It turned out I was slightly out of that period and they refused to refund me on the bad meats.

I warned them that I would right a negative review about their grocery store if they weren’t going to refund me my money. They told me they didn’t care and to have at it. So here is my very negative reviewer or complaint about the Compare Foods grocery store on N. Tryon St. in Charlotte NC – they sell rancid meats that will make you sick! Avoid this Compare Foods store!

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