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Compare Foods grocery store review – this grocery store in North Charlotte is unique to say the least!

Compare Foods grocery store review
I went to Compare Foods on North Tryon St. and found it to be a very unique grocery store!

My family and I decided to venture down to the corner of sugar Creek and North Tryon Street in Charlotte NC this evening to check out a grocery store we’ve never been to before – Compare Foods. We had received ads over the years in the mail for Compare Foods and never really paid much attention to them.

But this week we were looking at the advertisements and happened to notice that the price on meats there were much lower than Wal-Mart’s prices. So we decided to venture down there and see what this place was all about. When we got there it looked a little scary as they had potholes that you could literally drive your car into on the way in and throughout the parking lot.

There were homeless people everywhere and cars that were barely running or falling apart parked everywhere in the parking lot. My wife didn’t even want to go in the store as she was so scared. It was a scene out of a rundown section of Broad Street in Philadelphia or Harlem in New York City or something similar.

The shopping carts were really beat up looking and many were previous Wal-Mart shopping carts that had been partially covered over. and there was a man with one leg at the front of the store playing serenades with his guitar for donations. We got inside the inside looked like the outside.

Everyone stared at us as is if we didn’t belong there because we weren’t of Spanish or African-American lineage. so we quickly browse through the aisles and found that the only areas of the store that were cheaper than Wal-Mart was some of the meats – those that were on sale.

They had good prices on chicken thighs and quarters ($.89 per pound) and on lamb cuts ($3.99 per pound) and sirloin london broil ($3.99 per pound). One thing they did have that was different than any other grocery store I’ve been to in the Charlotte North Carolina area was strange meats and foods.

You could get goat meat, frozen frog legs, octopus, squid, whole salmon, veal hearts, cow brains and even bull testicles. If there was something strange that you desired they probably have it there at Compare Foods. It’s kind of reminiscent of an old Asian food Mart and how they have very unique Asian or oriental foods that are unique to their stores.

Our trip to the Compare Foods store on North Tryon st. was unique to say the least. They even had a whole row dedicated to Cow tongues of various sizes. They had both full-sized cow tongues and veal tongues. What I wonder is what people do with the cow or veal brains, bull testicles and cow hearts? do they use these to make strange soups and stews?

If you want a definitely different kind of store and venture there during the daytime then I recommend that you go and check out Compare Foods. But be careful and make sure you compare prices. a lot other items that are in the aisles were much more expensive than if you bought the same products or foods at Wal-Mart. The better prices can be found in the meat department.

But if you just want regular meat and nothing strange like goat or bull testicles then I recommend that you go to Lowes foods instead. Lowes food market has the same prices or a little lower on meats plus you don’t have to circumvent a parking lot with potholes that look like craters on the moon. Also, that area of North Tryon St. is not very safe after dark.

4 thoughts on “Compare Foods grocery store review – this grocery store in North Charlotte is unique to say the least!

  1. Hey! I have been to the N Tryon location, and I must agree on it not being a pretty sight. Have you been to other Compare Foods Supermarkets though? I have been to almost all of the Charlotte ones, and my favorite two are the ones on Sharon Amity Rd, and Arrowood Rd. They are much cleaner and Americanized then the rest. So more normal steaks to choose from, and less Cow Tongue haha!

  2. I’ve been to that store and you are right. It smells bad, it’s very low grade and lots of shady customers. For better deals on meats (and better quality meats at that), I go to BJ’s Wholesale up in Concord NC.

  3. I agree that there’s something off about that North Tryon store. I live closer to the Compare Foods on the corner of Harris Blvd and Sharon Amity and that one is nice, always clean and completely different than N Tryon. The best and nicest one is the one on Arrowood and South Blvd., but I live to far away to travel all the way out there.

  4. I too have been to the Compare store on Tryon & Sugar Creek. The quality of their meats and vegetables has been high and of great value – a wide selection at great prices unseen at Harris Teeter, Bloom or Food Lion, where you only occasionally may catch a good sale item. Many times I’ve seen the meats at these other brand stores sold past their time with swelling wrapping, indicating meat that is turning. Never seen that at Compare! They offer a good number of seasonings as well as both packaged and by the pound beans. I wish I knew how to cook more of the wide variety of vegetables options that they provide!

    I am a Caucasian woman of Italian descent who feels lucky to have found a store in Charlotte with the variety Compare offers in the portion sizes that feed many without breaking the bank. Certainly can’t do that at HT! I do not buy processed, packaged food at any of these stores and shop at Sam’s for the few that I do use, like cereal, coffee and dry goods.

    We live in a multi-national city, folks, and I may be the minority here, but I feel safe within the store and have always seen security guards monitoring within. While the parking lot leaves much to be desired, they have been in the process of renovating that store now for many months. I am not sure if the renovations are complete or if they are located on rented land, which could explain why they haven’t paved. Hopefully this will happen in the future, but their employees have always made up for anything lacking. Never seen a grumpy face, someone always answering my questions about the unknown veggie, cut or how to prepare, once someone offered to walk me out! Thanks Compare!

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