Compare Foods sells unhealthy meats – I cooked them correctly and still got sick from the chicken meat I purchased there.

Compare Foods sells unhealthy meats

Compare Foods sold me some bad chicken breasts and thighs - we cooked it thoroughly and still got sick!

The family and I went to Compare Foods earlier in the week and I bought some split chicken breasts and chicken thighs that were on sale for around a dollar a pound which is pretty good nowadays. I bought some extra and we put it in the freezer for later. Yesterday we took out both some chicken breasts and thighs to cook.

We cooked them for early and made sure with a thermometer that the internal temperature was over 160° to make sure was safe for consumption and that there was no sinister anything left that could make us sick. So we ate the food and within a few hours everyone that ate the chicken from Compare Foods had stomach pains.

These were sharp stomach pains that are usually associated with food poisoning. I did my part on making sure that the meats were properly cooked. apparently this chicken meat came with some extra buggers that are resilient to what the FDA considers the minimum healthy internal temperature for cooked foods (160 degrees).

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The Compare Foods store on North Tryon Street in Charlotte NC did not look that sanitary to begin with. Just look at the meat department and the fact that many of the packages are not properly sealed. I assume that regardless as long as I cooked the meats to 160° of internal temperature that they would be fine to eat.

Apparently that was not the case with this chicken meat from the Compare Foods store. After this I just threw out all the other meat from compare foods that I had purchased. from now on I will buy chicken and other meats at more sanitary stores. Even Wal-mart is more sanitary then Compare Foods.

Be wary and be warned – if you buy meats like the chicken breasts and chicken thighs that I purchased from Compare Foods you could be putting yourself in harm’s way and could get some severe stomach cramps like I had which are most likely from food poisoning of one sort or another.

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  • frosty says:

    Hi there, I have been to that Compare Foods store and it is gross. Just go look at the packaged meats. Pick one up and you will see blood dripping from it. You can just imagine how much salmonella must be floating around in their meat department.

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